My Genji Cosplay

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  1. Awesome. It looks like what Genji would wear lounging around.

  2. As much as genji mains were a bane of my life on my team (tank main), it's a sick cosplay

  3. Love ya! Don’t worry I get it. I always call out the genjis for not doing anything. I am a hanzo/Ana main. BUT the genji character designs and all his skins are too sick

  4. That is truly amazing! Where did you get the helmet or did you make it yourself?

  5. Amazing olympianprops made it! The chest piece and neck are from Lucas jackets and dacosfx

  6. Do you have any links to any of this because I would love to know if they make other Red Hood helmets. Been looking for a person who makes a good Injustice 2 helmet that would fit a voice modifier as I currently can’t 3D print one (don’t own a 3D printer) and I feel all the ones on Amazon are sketchy

  7. Thanks! What’s really awesome is you liking it! :)

  8. Well now I know I can use those gauntlets I have to make something half decent

  9. They are simple but good enough to pass haha. I too want to make better ones. I can’t wait to see yours in the community!!

  10. Same! I hope it turns out great! I'll definitely post it to my Instagram, so hopefully my photoshoot turns out good lol

  11. I believe it will! All red hood peeps are cool 👌 I will be checking the community to make sure I don’t miss yours :)

  12. Very inspirational and I respect it!! It looks awesome!!

  13. Awesome!! How long did it take for you to finish?

  14. Darkknightfx made this incredible helmet :)

  15. even more dope than i thought. nice

  16. My husband's favorite character. Looks amazing

  17. So sorry for late response. Many times I had to look up neck seals on Etsy and Instagram. Found a person by the name of dacos_fx that make great ones! And they do seem reasonable price

  18. Can you show more photos of your cosplay? I want to know what the rest of the helmet looks like…. Front and back…

  19. For sure, I plan to post another shot of the front hopefully this weekend! :)

  20. I don’t know who it is until I had to look it up lol. And you pretty right. Thank you!

  21. This. This is what we should have gotten in Batman: Ninja.

  22. Haha thanks! agree red hood from that animated movie was not my favorite unfortunately with the particular design

  23. Yep I got other pictures! Will post more hopefully next week ;) ! Thank you!

  24. That looks SUPER awesome!!! I’m guessing, instead of getting killed by joker… you were killed by the Yakuza?

  25. Haha maybe it’s the joker yakuza and thank you!

  26. love the work on the mask!

  27. You look like you missed the bus and have to wait there for half a hours🤣

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