1. I always liked the line when Walt is complaining about free comic book day and makes a comment about a fat kid and Bry just goes. Oh hey Walt Pam where are the comics or something to that effect?


  3. Got it. The SRT is a gem for sure. We are lucky to have it so close.

  4. The SRT has served me great on many a long run, well maintained, safe and some great views, but I sweat it is slightly uphill going both ways!

  5. There's an endurance run I'm doing early November at Jacobsburg State Park. 3hr and 6hr options. Just treating it as a training. Run to have fun with some friends but maybe it's worth looking into, Even if just to scout a spot to do a 50 miler solo. It's a 5 mi loop and while that may be boring to do 50 miles on whenever I do really long stuff in the woods, I always feel best doing loops so I know worst case scenario if I need to bail I only have so far to go.

  6. Does the road runners club have a Reddit?

  7. LVRR is the best! There's a Thursday night trail run on South Mountain that's a lot of fun

  8. Props to the garmin battery life! I have a fenix 5x that is now 4 yrs old and still has amazing features and battery life.

  9. Apple Watches have had barometers since 2015 or so

  10. Thanks! My initial search of their sensors didn't list a baro. Point back in that regard!

  11. You should have received an email from patreon with an RSS link to import the podcasts into your favorite podcast app. Use that. It will be way easier to go back and to search through.

  12. 100% this. I only ever bother with the Patreon page for video. RSS feed right into Pocket casts works great for me

  13. Altras are a great shoe! I run in them frequently. You should also check out Topos as well. Another brand with a similar natural foot shape fit.

  14. Welcome to the east coast where their are pierogies, cheesesteaks and subs on every block.

  15. Last eagles game I went to was a Monday night game. Met my brother and his roommate there. My wife Had to leave right from work. Traffic was nuts. Ended up parking on a random street in South Philly because it was so bad and just walking to the stadium. I missed the majority of the first half and by the time I get there, my brother and his roommate were sitting obnoxiously drunk amidst scattered small airline liquor bottles. During the game my brother was obnoxiously cheering (which honestly blended in pretty well with the crowd) and at one point almost got into a fight with a 12-year-old boy sitting near us. He then threw up all over the place. Went to the bathroom to clean up and disappeared. I spent the rest of the night scouring the stadium and having the Philadelphia police department hunting for him. Turns out he took an Uber home, he lives about an hour away. Away. Fell asleep in the back of the Uber and the guy had to wake him up and say I think this is your house dude.

  16. Wasn’t an option to add on Live Nation unless I missed something presale. Any way too buy after the fact?

  17. Tennis is depressing because no matter how good I get, I'll never be as good as a wall. I played a wall once, they're fucking relentless.

  18. I got balcony seats for Philly the day before using presale. The next day when public sale started, the seats next to mine were selling for well over what I paid for both individually.

  19. There's a decent set of steps on the grave trail in the Lehigh Parkway. Next to the Robin Hood Bridge

  20. I absolutely adore this book as well. It's probably my favorite in the entire series (if not #1 then #2).

  21. I make sure to run early enough to not create any problems or interfere with plans for the rest of the group. Usually "early enough" is still later then I might otherwise have to be up and running so it's not a sacrifice. I'm usually on vacation to spend time with people, that's my priority and I make the other stuff fit around that.

  22. 100% this. I can often sleep in and still get my run in before most people are functional on vacation.

  23. South Mountain Wildlife Conservatatory its right off Lehigh st and Emaus Ave in Emmaus

  24. So I regularly run with a pretty large group of folks. I am definitely in the bottom third as far as speed. When running with the whole group, there's always a couple of us running around the same pace, but when smaller subsets get together faster, folks usually need to slow down to hang with me. Last time our group all went together to a big race. They took the entirety of the top 10 spot. Pretty much! Didn't seem to affect them at all! The reality is I bet most runners would benefit from slowing down occasionally on some of their runs. So if it happens occasionally, it's probably actually a benefit, now if they slowed to run every time that may eventually impact their top end.

  25. They will reopen, but Angelo’s is no joke…not gonna get into the “Great Cheesesteak Debate” by claiming who the king is.

  26. Angelo's has become my go to! I was always a John's guy but man Angelo's is good

  27. What's a sub?! Wawa doesn't sell subs. They sell hoagies. Monsters.

  28. Local designer with some great looks on their site/social media

  29. As a PA cowboy fan this cracked me up! So true!

  30. I wanted to upvote because your comment was specific directly related and added to the conversation. But I downvoted because you were a cowboys fan.

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