1. You people do not understand that even when taking steroids that it still takes a string work ethic and discipline to keep up that physique

  2. Scrolling through this thread has convinced me that people on Reddit have no idea how bodybuilding works

  3. Wouldn't call it impressive. Especially with how her voice has changed too.

  4. lmao how is this so upvoted? Do people not know how much work this takes, even if you are on gas?

  5. Thea Hail should be the one to beat Roman Reigns

  6. Seriously, seriously impressed by this crowd. Not just how they’re reacting, but the amount of people! Pre-Takeover vibes finally after so long

  7. If I’m Triple H these are the numbers I bring to the board of directors meetings like LISTENUH YOU LITTLE FUCKS I’M GAINING 21% IN THE DEMO-UHH BY PUTTING CANDICE LERAE-UHH IN TEN MINUTE MATCHES WITH NO HEAT-UHH

  8. So wait...people can get behind this angle but shit on the Bray Wyatt match from Rumble? Damn, make up your minds

  9. I have a challenge for you; tell me which one you think is meant to be taken seriously, and which one is meant to be a lower-midcard comedy gimmick.

  10. I am ready for Ø₮.ł₴ to be part of Maximum Male Models.

  11. Oh god it's going to be pronounced O-tisse (teese) isn't it

  12. Phenomenal ending, such amazing drama and intensity. Seeing Jey walk out fucked me up, what a segment.

  13. Commentary are absolutely on fucking fire tonight lmfao I'm dying

  14. Please be cautious and remember that this thread is spoiler-free; anyone posting sightings, betting odds or any other information that may spoil tonight's show will be met with action. Please be wary of others that want to go in spoiler-free.

  15. okay... i gotta give Triple H props. He saw that Kross is getting complete non reactions so he doesn't push him as hard as it seemed when he returned attacking Drew and having a staredown with Roman lmao

  16. For sure. He was absolutely being groomed for a feud with Roman, they even teased it numerous times. Kross had a few duds and since then there hasn’t been any sort of tease between the two.

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