1. I emailed them and they told me “it’s a secret! We can’t tell you!” Or something along those lines. SSE has been so out of line recently. They need to get their act together

  2. It’s horrible. Not to mention the engine they probably use doxxes people and the people who run it are so rude (had an unfortunate encounter with them). The SSO team really needs to make a move.

  3. The cheaters are seriously getting out of hand at this point, especially on Night Star. I've seen four in the past week. Congrats on winning! ^^

  4. Ty! Nightstar has been wild with cheaters! SSE needs to do something about it!

  5. It’s definitely AI generated, matches the same look + the hands are fucked.

  6. It could be. I just feel like how the back shot looks fine, they could’ve done a shitty job photoshopping. But 9 times out of 10, you are probably right

  7. I think the back shot is just the front of the dress with their head backwards 😅

  8. The one where the one girl who is from the circus shot someone out of a canon and there was a shot of them flying through the air 🤪

  9. I never stress it enough how much I miss these soundtracks. I've made posts about it in the past too. I always open a new chrome tab and play the old soundtracks in the background for the feels.

  10. Same here! I can only really count on Dino valley and sometimes harvest counties for having music, everywhere else, have to play the music manually

  11. Yep. They had the bloom effect as well, which kinda gave everything a glowy effect

  12. I used reshade for the bloom filter! The grass and buildings are in Jarlahiem.

  13. Poppy moon and maple star are chill. Maple star however is a French Canadian server

  14. “My dogs are fine, thanks for asking” reminds me of a quote my dad said

  15. Bought my first horse in december 2019 (started playing that year). I got star rider for Christmas and bought the black and white Irish cob and named her CrystalJewel!💎 Could have picked a better name but I was 10 and wasn't that good at English and it sounded ✨PreTtY✨ I still love that horse even now that I have 99 horses

  16. Dude... 🥺 that's exactly one day before I made my account. 😢 I have that horse too... It's a beautiful horse. I love the name Winterbeauty. Mine horse's name is Rainsong ♡

  17. Absolutely agree. Even though I absolutely adore the older mechanics, the game HAS to evolve to survive. The company needs money to grow but sometimes they do let that side of them show. I love the game and I feel like it has grown amazingly throughout the years. One of my biggest critique would be to have a pattern when coming out with updates. Some of the stuff comes out either too frequently or not enough. There should be a pattern to help even it out. Obviously it will have to be out of order sometimes (holiday event releases, graphic enhancements). But overall some people are really negative about a horse game, graphics yall.

  18. Honestly wanted to vote E.) None of the above. Imma put the following paragraph in spoilers because maybe not everyone is that far along in the quests read at your own peril

  19. Anne BUT specifically Anne from the starshine legacy games because of how sassy she was. Reminds me a lot of myself

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