1. I would say it is indeed your fault, I don’t know if it’s just me but when I buy something online I make sure it is what it is I’ve never had a problem. They gave you your money back and it’s probably not something that happens often so they don’t want to go through this again with the same person it’s bad for business.

  2. They didn’t give me my money back. They just gave me the doubloons but I’ve downloaded dlcs from the psn store for this game and they went through. How was I supposed to know only the doubloons wouldn’t? It’s just an unorganized system they have. There shouldn’t even be 2 versions of premium currency bundles. That’s dumb af

  3. Have you tried starting the ps4 version of the game to see if you got the bundne there?

  4. They eventually added them. I just downloaded the ps5 version and it actually duped the doubloons 👀 lmao so I ain’t mad lol

  5. I am trying to help you, and yet you dismiss my explanation. Look on google, and do a search for ps5 faulty GPU.

  6. I’m not dismissing it I’m just asking how it could be a dying GPU. It started doing this 6 months after release. Some people’s were doing it pretty much on release. Also add to the fact that some demanding games run for hours while glorified arcade games “overheat” my $600 console. Just doesn’t add up. Especially with no error code or nothing. It’s like the console just picks and chooses which ps5 game it wants to run

  7. The other explanation is that your ps5 is overheating.

  8. I have cleaned out my heat sync twice. Still does it. It only crashes on random games. I know it sounds bizarre but it literally picks what games it want to play no matter how demanding they are. It’s not an over heating issue. It seems like a compatibility issue. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  9. I think the PS4 pros were built (poorly/weird) because I see a lot of people saying something about their PS4 pro withing being really loud or being really hot. I have the PS4 slim (I think? The version that came out before the pro) I've never cleaned it it never feels burning hot even after 4+ hours of playing. It will get loud but it does that whenever I'm playing a BR or when I plug in my external hard drive.

  10. I rarely play war one anymore. Multiplayer lobbies melt mine. Yes they were without a doubt poorly designed. They have a plate on the motherboard so it wouldn’t flex bc they knew how hot it could get, yet the ventilation is garbage lol

  11. If I could explained it then I would happily give u a solution.i saw ur other post.that noise is abnormal for sure.i also saw some comments about ps4 slim and regular.so may I suggest to post ur issue maybe on a ps4 forum or something?they could help you

  12. I doubt they’ll help bc I’ll just end up getting juggled in between AW and Sony bc the blame is on both. Sony for making a product that could over in a freezer and MW for not optimizing the game for consoles because they’d rather have shock value and praise for how “cool” their game is and risk some consoles messing up rather than making a game that meets the consoles needs

  13. Will do but I’m sick and tired of having clean a console that’s supposed to be the “ultimate version” of the current PS4 gen. While also being pounded doggystyle by IW’s lack of competence.

  14. Lol I guess that’s what I’m gonna have to do or else I have to buy a new console smh

  15. I’m sorry, newbie here. What do the cabinets do? They they make the amp louder? Or more clean?

  16. Some amps have speakers built in them. An amp head though, is just the amp, no speakers. So it requires the speaker cabinets to produce sound.

  17. Oh I understand, I didn’t know there were amps that had no speakers. Thanks

  18. 😂 No animal would stand a single chance

  19. Almost thought this was actual gameplay till you inspected your weapon. No camper would dare take their eyes off that one angle.

  20. True, but shit like this happens against real players too and trying to get a team, especially randoms to play zone would be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole lmao fr tho 2K needs to tweak the defensive grading. Minor gripe though considering every other problem we got rn 🤦‍♂️

  21. I swear man, if it ain’t a block/steal or if you aren’t completely squared up on your man when he shoots, it’s considered a “breakdown.” This grind is way too harsh to be expecting that every single time. If I would have attempted a block, which my man has no swat at all lol it would have been an and 1 and I would’ve been penalized with a personal foul. Like wtf they want me to do?

  22. Jesus how many people are gonna post this, pls stop

  23. Didn’t know this was a common occurrence? Lol chill homes

  24. Yep, I was able to craft the hat after I sold the pelt to him

  25. Okay thanks! Every website was saying to not sell it. Craft it. Kinda odd you’re supposed to do both lol

  26. It’s a pretty steep grind fr lol and competitive mode is bs without friends

  27. Oh okay I thought it was a certain vendor or something. I was confused by the term of it lol

  28. Gotcha. I am however really confused on how the balancing is on crucible. Like how can you tell whenever you’ve gotten the “best” of a certain weapon type?

  29. You do the same damage in crucible no matter what level you are, unless you are in iron banner

  30. So if I’m just getting mainly for crucible it isn’t worth it?

  31. I think the input lag is really holding this game back as well. I feel like it shouldn’t be such a hard fix to make. It definitely needs a little polish.

  32. Laggy menus, Bad net code, barebones outside the one and even that is suspect. I love the game but I don't see myself playing it that much around February. Unless we get major consistent updates.

  33. I agree. It was definitely rushed.

  34. No there's no way to join up before other than inviting someone. And as far as a build for dwade I thought assassin or a 6'4 slasher would be best and isn't there a play style Chris? Floor general.

  35. Damn that sucks but yeah I think there is I haven’t really researched all the icons that well but is the Slasher build good? I’m weary of going that route if it’s main draw is finishing bc really layups on here aren’t that hard to make.

  36. No thank you. The last thing I want to hear is crappy music playing in the background, whiny preteens crying, or ragers. I will wear a mic if I'm not playing with randoms but otherwise no audio please.

  37. I mean a mute button isn’t that hard to use though? I understand there’s a lot of people that abuse the mic but this game has so many limited options. Like for instance playing with friends is bs which is a different topic of its own... I feel like EA has just gotten lazy though in the past few years. I like options whether it’s overkill or not, at least it’s there.

  38. Most of the time I don’t get to hear team work encouragement/ tips. I just hear shouting and cursing and some guy have porn in the background!

  39. Lmfao I feel you! Still wish it was an option though bc I can’t always wear a mic when I’m playing.

  40. Great question, I almost have 1 million in currency with nothing to spend it on. This is getting ridiculous. The game needs an update ASAP.

  41. Yeah there definitely needs to be more soon

  42. I got a Wing Scorer. I usually use but Vince but I use Demar a lot too. Traits : Bullet Pass (silver), Catch and Shoot (silver), Open Three (bronze).

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