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  1. Ledger has always been bad. It’s still better than keeping on an exchange though.

  2. It's a shitcoin centric wallet no one should be buying or recommending. It does community harm to be giving these shitcoins a platform and falsely equating them to Bitcoin in the minds of new users.

  3. I have never had a problem with Ledger, what should I do? I have never sold any Bitcoin, just bought and put into my ledger accounts

  4. Please stop spreading this cringe my aids is flaring up

  5. What happened to this sub? Is this just general content now?

  6. Military experience in general is what’s important. Unless you operated a T-64 or T-72 in your military experience, you will likely be assigned to some sort of armored vehicle.

  7. Military experience, if you’re a civilians please don’t waste their time

  8. Won’t this give the Russians some justification or excuse to use a nuke?

  9. Not exactly, Ukraine has been hitting Russia numerous times. Including that insane two helicopter raid on Belgorod

  10. This is older iirc, early start of the war

  11. One things for certain, that missile for sure didn’t bring it down.

  12. Title is from the source, the helicopter was being fired upon by multiple Anti-Air units simultaneously

  13. We gonna mention the historical antislavic prejudice inherent to the Greek argument against Macedonia using the name and flag or nah?

  14. North Macedonians are Slavic, closely related to Bulgarians. Which are inherently not Hellenic

  15. Intelligence indicates that forces from the UPA were responsible, this act will not go unpunished

  16. Steel cased bimetal ammo too?

  17. Whatever ammo that doesn’t have your fingerprints on it

  18. Nothing against you personally or your post but many of the "Can you help me identify this flag?" posts in this sub seem like they could have easily been answered if OP just asked to the person using the flag instead of bringing it here.

  19. I have read that title over 50 times in the last three years.

  20. This inspired me to buy several braces for Christmas, defund the ATF

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