‘Florida is the place where woke goes to die,’ DeSantis says

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  1. They purposely made it difficult and confusing for felons when a ballot measure in 2018 gave them vack the right to vote.

  2. Plus, like the lady in Texas, got advice from a poll worker that was incorrect and she was convicted (may be overturned).

  3. I'm old. I honestly thought it was the Irish Republican Army, and I was really confused.

  4. Or, what does my Individual Retirement Account got to do with this?

  5. This is what it looks like when you let a problem fester for too long. The homeless get entrenched in a place, the garbage piles up, and it becomes a shantytown. Then you need heavy machinery to get rid of it. Keep on the encampments, help those who need it, kick those out who refuse the help. Don't reenforce their lifestyle choices.

  6. What about the church of the canine? In Dog We Trust.

  7. I see her as the accomplishment of the American dream. Go to college, work a job to pay for your tuition, run for congress and win. Yet, she is vilified by millionaires who want to keep people like her down. They are the elite and defend their status at all costs.

  8. She's rich in culture. For the people who never even know it exists, they want to take hers away.

  9. When the right says “Liberal Elite”, they mean educated.

  10. Their argument that if you tax the wealthy, they will cut jobs and, thus, cost the middle and lower class. This assumes that they don't need those people anyway to keep making their profits. They argued the same for enforcing the taxes for those making more than $400k/year. As if, because they skirted paying taxes, that is why people have jobs. Not a good argument. The job market is still strong, people can choose where they want to work. If you stick with a job and feel like you are beholden to the wealthy boss, get a new job, move someplace else. If you think the wealthy boss will cut your pay because he has to pay a little more in taxes, they don't care about you, only what they can make on the back of your labor.

  11. You mean the EXACT same plan that Trump would have attempted to execute? And considering him, likely would have screwed up even worse?

  12. Except Trump wanted the US to pull out immediately. Biden gave 6 months. The dumbasses are the ones that waited until the last day and then complained when they were left behind. We still went back and got people that stayed after 6 months. Trump would have just left them there.

  13. This is the exact reason why politicians should not be involved in medical decisions. Nature does not fit neatly into a legal framework. There will always be cases that are unique and it is only up to the doctor and patient to make the decision, not politicians and lawyers.

  14. In fairness most of that agriculture happens in the rural areas of AZ in places that don't use Colorado river. Those places are mostly on ground water. And since the laws in AZ allow you to take as much water as you want from the ground in rural areas these farms are going to out compete local citizens and draw down the water table down below their existing wells. AZ has essentially 2 different water crises.

  15. I saw a news story or documentary about how Lake Mead is surrounded by porous sandstone and, I would think, some of that groundwater could from seepage from the lake. Groundwater comes from someplace, it isn't unlimited.

  16. Vote by mail. Paper ballot guaranteed. Theres usually a way to confirm it was received and accepted. The paper ballot will be preserved.

  17. Amen. The voting machines are problematic for many people. They are secure but outdated. Vote by mail is the best. It gives people time to decide on issues and candidates on their own time instead of under pressure in a voting booth with a long line behind you.

  18. How do you not already know every issue and office on the ballot before you go to vote? In MA we get previews well ahead of time. Making your decision at the ballot box without any other research or effort spent beforehand is just crazy.

  19. You mean people would do their homework, write their votes down on a piece of paper, then bring it with them to the voting place? I hate homework :) Hard to say, but I think most people vote party line everything but try to read the initiatives on the spot and if it doesn't have a D or R next to it, they just pick one or not vote for that at all.

  20. DeSantis holding a press conference just to say this?

  21. Why is this Trump guy still there? Why is DeJoy still head of USPS? Kick these people out!

  22. The worst case is that she carries the baby to term, the motherly instinct kicks in, and she wants to keep it. But the state will say she isn’t mature enough to take care of the baby and doesn’t have the financial and home “stability” the state requires, so the state will try to take her baby from her. She is in a no win situation, just a baby carrier to the state. Forced birth, forced adoption.

  23. I have a feeling he will whip out a pocket pardon at the last minute. Trump probably issued a pardon for him and signed it in sharpie. We will go through another round of courts then the supreme court to decide on whether pocket pardons are even legal.

  24. Dude doesn’t cooperate and he’ll end up doing 100 days with good behavior. For the money he made over the years Trump, who wouldn’t take that deal? Despicable.

  25. I would think he would owe the taxes for all the stuff he took off the books. They would have to figure the value at the time and the tax he should have paid on each item. It may be complicated but he owes the IRS. Don't let him off without paying.

  26. I honestly believe that Trump thinks he has a literal Trump card he can show to get out of any legal trouble.

  27. So, if you want ice cream, press the button and keep an eye out for a mob of people swarming behind you ready to snatch all of them as soon as the clerk opens the door.

  28. If Trump goes to jail will he still get Secret Service protection? Asking for a few hundred million friends.

  29. I don’t think he will ever be sent to jail. If he was convicted, he would most likely have home confinement at mar-a-lago residence. Not allowed to travel or leave the property. Will need special permission to leave for medical or other issues. Unknown if he could still have guests. The secret service will turn into his prison guards.

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