1. See ya at the scheme on Friday. Looking forward to the show.

  2. That was a GREAT show for so early in the tour.

  3. This is an incredibly easily spades call with your partner turning down red and you essentially guaranteed two. No brainer, really. Play off if the lead isn't an Ace. If it is an Ace, trump in and lead back diamonds.

  4. You bet your sweet ass I’m going alone and yes, discard the queen of clubs. Many will say two suits is better in these situations. I believe Ohio Euchre does as well but I’ve had more success holding on to double aces.

  5. Just lost 5 games in a row all 10-9 🤯🤯🤯

  6. Let me preface this by saying I would have most likely called diamonds there.

  7. I couldn't care less about where the bowers are or how the cards may distribute between myself and my partner. For me, typically the idea behind next, especially in this situation, is that if the dealer turns down a bower, it's likely they're loaded in the opposite color.

  8. Let’s momentarily try using our brain.

  9. Again with negative shit. I don’t know what’s going on in your life to make you so miserable, but you’d do well to find a healthier outlet.

  10. Ok so I’ll bet you any dollar amount they hit the stage between 7:30-8:00 opposed to your time frame. How much?

  11. Leading a singleton ace is always the easy tell that the individual who did it isn’t a strong player.

  12. I suppose on a technicality it’s a renege but that’s some ticky tack shit that most would never call, even in a tournament. One thing is for certain, reneges do not cost more than two points. Sometimes four on a loner but that would be up to house rules.

  13. I like the music but hate the lyrics

  14. Dave’s lyrics have been so literal and obvious on everything after Some Devil. Gone are the creative poetic lyrics of first 3-4 albums. Im just here for the music now

  15. Same. Mostly I’m here for nostalgia and getting smashed at concerts with a faint hope of hearing something special.

  16. I’ve never been less excited for the start of a tour. 70 year olds playing greatest hits at a snails pace for $500 tickets.

  17. I've never understood people NOT wanting an opener. DMB starts no earlier when there isn't one and it gives you a nice opportunity to catch new music or a band you already like. It's a total win-win.

  18. Others have pointed it out. Your stats prove you're too conservative. Both of these stats are too high but your loner win percentage is WAY too high. As a consistent top 40 player, my trump call win rate is 82.3% and my loner win rate is 30.1%.

  19. What’s this secret east coast city you lived in?

  20. Idk, if you compare it to his handwritten setlists from 2008-2012, it’s an exact match

  21. Mental processing isn’t your best trait, is it? We’re specifically talking about song 27 on the handwritten setlist from Sweden 2013 which is a different font than the rest of the set list.

  22. Yes, for sure. Money & fame change people. It’s only natural. He isn’t immune to it.

  23. So many of us were fooled into thinking he was.

  24. Imagine spending $400 on a couple hours of music and thinking it’s a fair deal. 🤡

  25. My job is hiring maintenance/ construction techs for our rental portfolio!

  26. 2, 12 hour shifts. Night shift is $1.25.

  27. I’m surprised how short Break Free is.

  28. Yeah, I dont get the complaining yet it is a little odd. The Batson Sessions version of Break Free is 5:12.

  29. And live versions are even longer than that.

  30. Your rating is probably not very good.

  31. This is absurd for a Honda Civic. Good god.

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