1. Hmm. You're right, it seems a little more tweaking is involved. I'll keep playing with it and come back when I've got something.

  2. Man I was a little taken aback when I opened the images and they were all marked up like that. For a GM layer on roll20 that’s great but I feel like it might be distracting for my players. We’ll see! First game in a little less than 2 weeks

  3. It's actually very important for the players to see pretty much everything marked on maps in Lancer. Ingress Zones (where enemy reinforcements can/will appear), Objective Zones, Control Zones, etc. are all very important and should be clearly defined + obvious for every player.

  4. The Battlegroup rule book explicitly mentions this, albeit it doesn’t go particularly in-depth. It just kinda says “this is a thing you can do and it could be fun.”

  5. Haven’t read it, but I heard that Wallflower has mass combat rules.

  6. It doesn’t. There was a prototype version of a mass combat system in one of the earlier draft versions but it was cut.

  7. The rulebook is available for free on Jamey's dropbox already. Reading through it now. Will edit this comment after I'm done.

  8. My worst nightmare isn't getting in a serious car crash; it's one of my close family members dying in a car crash. I can't imagine both happening in one fell swoop, though. Christ almighty. Schafrillas is very strong to choose to continue his work.

  9. Personally I would simply play out their decision narratively, and have two combat encounters prepared (one for if they side with faction A, the other if they side with faction B).

  10. Solstice Rain literally just came out earlier today (or rather yesterday, it’s late for me and I can’t sleep lol). I bought it and skimmed it, and I can already wholeheartedly recommend it for a first-time group. It has easily the best GM-facing tips and reminders of any Lancer module that I’ve seen so far.

  11. Sadly the encounter builder in Comp/Con doesn’t have such a feature. It basically just allows you to visually organize NPC stat blocks together, write notes about the sitrep/environment, track initiative in the mission runner, and…that’s about it.

  12. The trend of playing recognizable theme songs on a dramatic piano really, really needs to die. It sounds like fanmade parody at this point.

  13. If you're seeking an explanation of how cover and line of sight work in general, I'll give you the quick and easy version that the core book unfortunately buries beneath a lot of extraneous detail.

  14. Yeah from the few clips I’ve seen from this playthrough, I actually can’t imagine being this cynical about this game. I loved it, and I also loved the first one.

  15. I find the introduction section is rather badly structured in terms of what information should be doled out to the players, and that even though it's presented as an introductory campaign it's actually haphazardly trying to appeal to avid Lancer fans who already know the Deepest Lore - things kept tight are campaign-specific twists, while everything that's namedropped in the core book is essentially spelled out from the get go.

  16. This is immensely helpful. I wish I could have read this comment before I started my campaign.

  17. How often do you play? Caught me off guard since you said it was a micro-campaign. Mind you, "micro" is all relative, so I guess it could just be my perception of what a micro-campaign is. I imagined like...6 or 7 sessions.

  18. Not only that, but the first dungeon in a micro-campaign. Lol.

  19. This has actually been brought to the JAR boys' attention, I remember them mentioning it on a cast at some point after the change to "@HumansBornFresh".

  20. You really, REALLY need to get off the internet for a while. This isn't healthy.

  21. But she’s very obviously older when he sees her dancing naked.

  22. Idk about you, but my mom frequently says “You’re always gonna be my baby son” about me, haha. I’m not a parent myself but it’s easy to understand how a parent would always think of their children as being younger and less mature than they actually are.

  23. Based on the AOM stat blocks that MCDM have released, and the majority of them made by the community, it seems to me that a base assumption is that "the AOM is the boss monster." And when there's only one of them, it becomes more palatable for the players to acknowledge that the boss gets to do crazy shit.

  24. Yeah you're right, it's whatever you want it to be. In the same way that the villain's army composition is totally your call.

  25. I checked your post history and I'm gonna assume you're just trolling with all these "alpha male" posts.

  26. No, this is not a thing. Right now there's no way to sync "things that happen to the character" between Foundry and C/C. All you can do is port over characters (at full HP, 0 heat, etc.) from C/C to Foundry.

  27. Both. They just basically copy the damage, heat, etc. that happens to them in both systems so I can also keep track of what’s happening to all the characters at a glance.

  28. 100% convinced that it never actually happened and Derek is trying and failing to do it because he’s an incompetent grifter.

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