1. I’m American, are the Mounties really that bad or is this just a freak incident?

  2. Their continual delaying of body camera employment is a pretty clear indication that they seek to avoid accountability which is a strong indication of character.

  3. Died in custody July of 2017. Charges recommended by independent investigation office three years ago. Finally charged today.

  4. It's more evidence that the RCMP and Crown have a corrupt relationship.

  5. Spend $50 for a bidet attachment and wash your ass. Save money on toilet paper/wipes.

  6. Dextromorphan is a dissociate like ketamine (with at least the latter having prohedonic effect and indirectly affecting the dopamine system). They both may provide some antidepressive dopaminergic activity with limited abuse potential.

  7. This is not worldnews quality information ("A place for major news"). (Also, given previous police reports, a more realistic value of those drugs is likely far lower.)

  8. This is not a good idea. They are just following the Oregon model instead of Portugal model.

  9. The causation you imply is unargued and dubious. Increased homelessness may predominantly be due to increased housing costs. While I'm not sure how much drug possession law enforcement has been diminished in Oregon, possession is already almost never charged in Canada. One could argue that sending people to jail for possession may lead to more crime long-term as involvement in the legal system can reduce employment potential, harm mental health, etc.

  10. A very expensive kind at ~100K/yr which may hint you towards quite possibly the major reason that problematic drug use is now framed as a mental health problem rather than a criminal one.

  11. "Margaret McCuaig-Johnston, former executive vice-president of NSERC and now senior fellow at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa, noted that the new security guidelines only cover federal grants and not individual academic research with China’s military. China offers a lot of money to Canadian researchers and universities to work with them, she said.

  12. Relying on anyone to do anything because "ethics" is absolutely laughable. "Muh ethics" is what you resort to bleating when you have literally nothing else. As always, Canada is a fucking joke about national security.

  13. Relying on the honor system for almost all universities to turn down money in aid of democracy is pretty rich.

  14. Largely legislators for creating an economy where people move furniture via bike.

  15. Do not consume dopaminergic research chemicals. Dopaminergic drugs are ones that often compel people to repeatedly consume large doses that may seriously damage your dopamine system and harm your ability to function for extended periods of time or permanently. The dopamine system may be relatively susceptible to damage; as a cautionary example, a

  16. Different people with a given diagnosis or no diagnosis at all will react differently from others both within and outside of whatever medical designation they've been given. As far as general tendencies, will most people with ADHD react radically differently than most people without ADHD?

  17. The fear is presumably increased near-term risk of nuclear warfare. (In the long-run, conceding to Russia may incentivize imperialistic and nuclear brandishing behaviors of both Russia and other nations which may increase risk of nuclear warfare.)

  18. Pretty sure they know the process and materials. They are just not willing to put that kind of money and effort into it. The us versions of the Abrams were incredibly expensive tanks to produce.

  19. It may be largely the materials—as depleted uranium is often alloyed with other elements such as titanium (presumably classified and misplaced in someone's closet) and metallurgy can be a complicated science.

  20. Disagree. They avoided masks, for one. Almost all early infections were in the northern hemisphere temperate region and Australia and New Zealand's early avoidance was likely predominately due to weather (and how that impacts indoor relative humidity).

  21. Are there any other medications that affect the dopamine receptor like wellbutrin? I heard anti-psycotics like Abilify affect the dopamine system too

  22. Abilify is a "partial agonist" (unlike most, "antagonistic", antipsychotics) and at a lower dose of ~1-3mg/day (vs. ~10mg/day for schizophrenia) can generate mild stimulatory and prohedonic effects for some. (At lower doses, the drug may occupy a little over half of dopamine D2 receptors with unoccupied receptors free for dopamine to still largely bind.) (Low doses of antagonistic antipsychotics that preferentially bind to autoreceptors may have similar potential for some.)

  23. Some agonists have pronounced downregulation (eg LSD) while others do not (eg DMT—even when repeatedly injected at short intervals). Unlike for most other receptors,

  24. So I’m taking Olanzapine which had a lot stronger affinity to 5HT2a. How long before the receptor goes back to resting?

  25. The link I provided states that olanzapine downregulates 5-HT2ARs.

  26. Strongly consider renting until housing prices decline.

  27. Practically, for political purposes, drug dealing will likely have to remain discrete for some time. As charges for possession are already very rare now, decriminalization may have limited direct effect towards users and the biggest change may be public perception shifting as they see that society hasn't imploded. (A possible exception to discrete dealing near-term may be opiates, given their stronger association with fentanyl, which may be sold in stores like psychedelics are beginning to now; although, I would guess it more likely that opiates will have to be dispensed by doctors and nurses.)

  28. Eh I call BS. It’s not more complex than the German Pzr 2000 tracked artillery and they use that just fine. The Abrams engine packs can be swapped in 20-30 minutes, and it only uses 15% more fuel than a Leo2. Leo is only slightly lighter than Abrams. Remember these tanks are made so 18 yo from the Midwest or whatever can operate them. It’s not the fucking space shuttle. This is a pissing match between the US and Germany and the US thinks Germany being next door and being the progenitor of all Leo users should handle this aspect. I agree, but if Germany flakes out we can do it. We can do almost anything militarily if we have the political will.

  29. People are remarkably naive to downvote your post. Truth is the first casualty of war (and politics generally). Tellingly, Ukraine's military leadership aren't intimidated by this tank or even stating that they'd prefer the Panther over Abrams.

  30. They both appear to have significant sexual function with oxytocin levels spiking during ejaculation, oxytocin bloodstream levels spiking during sexual activity and labor, and

  31. So what you're saying is... I could go quite a while on just Gatorade.

  32. I went 37 days without electrolytes and 42 w/o calories (notwithstanding ~10 cal per diet Gatorade for sodium taken with potassium pills from days 37 to 42). I felt fine almost immediately after sodium intake.

  33. I can't remember exactly. I believe it was in the 40s (lbs) with a large amount of water weight quickly returning after sodium and then food intake.

  34. Actuarial professional here. Such a low retirement age is unsustainable with rising life expectancy. If anything, people should be glad the average retirement age rises; it means people in general live longer, which they do. The French have all the right to protest but many do not understand how they fuck up future government budgets (a large part of the French retirement income is financed by the government, not by own or company funded pensions). A percentage wise growing part of the population will be pensioners, especially in the ‘developed’ world. Birth rates are declining. I guess it’s just about people thinking only about themselves and not about their children or grandchildren. Tldr; people live longer and stay healthy longer so a rise of the retirement age should be welcomed as a good sign.

  35. A low retirement age is sustainable if/when people have taken enough shit and demand more egalitarian wealth distribution. Throughout the West, over the last several decades, inflation adjusted, worker output/per capita GDP has doubled while wages largely stagnate. The graft has reached truly absurd extremes.

  36. They can fuse deuterium atoms, which create energy. This is a form of fusion.

  37. It's war—certain types of deceit are part of the game.

  38. Does anyone know how to watch this documentary—India: The Modi Question—inside Canada (the BBC wont permit broadcast outside the UK for this program)?

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