NATO calls on allies to supply winter uniforms for Ukrainian army

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Really? There are a lot of 'gender ideology' critics in the sub.

  2. Seems I'm the one being made an example of, newer account maybe?

  3. Yeah, I don’t know, but the mods generally give enough rope for one to do one’s own hanging. ;-)

  4. One's been pretty nasty with me, trying to bait into a reaction I think, haven't taken the bait tho.

  5. I just hope the owner of Rumble ain't looking to sell out for a Porsche.

  6. I think these Bernie memes wouldn't trend at all had he not bent the knee to the Democrats.

  7. That's why I am jaded. I need to live in a real people's republic. That's the cure for this ailment.

  8. That is the best we can do until the slaves awaken and revolt. You are not helping matters by talking about all this gay BS all the time. Focus on class not culture wars. That is how you awaken the slaves.

  9. Soo much "hello fellow kids" energy from all these Biden voters, aka Democrats.

  10. EU: "We'll show Putin, we'll just buy Russian gas from China at twice the price!"

  11. Having been poisoned and smeared by these loons, f*çk their feelings. Just returning their hate in kind, these are the einsatzgruppen of the future, if they are given the chance, make no mistake about that!

  12. They always leave out the EV conversion market, there will still be tens of millions of petro vehicles on the road decades after any bans on production.

  13. Note: I've been in love with electric propulsion since early childhood. I'm looking forward to when electric vehicles get so cheap that ICE cars are an indulgence for the rich. But I can do math, so here's the current reality.

  14. I must confess. This is so bizarre that my brain can't comprehend the words coming out of her mouth. What is this? Why is she saying this out loud?

  15. This is unprecedented in all of history, AFAIK. Countries committing suicide by cutting off their own energy and food supplies.

  16. Because these government actors are loyal to someone, and it's not the people who elected them, not even their own nations.

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