1. Hey man, I have been in the same boat as you, actually took my first 150mg of Wellbutrin after making a post about how reluctant I was. Honestly, I shouldn't have been, the drug for me was a lifesaver at the time, and since you are worried about the sexual side effects; I've actually never heard it would decrease it. For me personally, it raised it through the roof haha.

  2. Wacky bug aside, man this game is gorgeous.

  3. This is without the UNITE mod even! Which i'm unable to use since I play via gamepass 😥

  4. I loved this game. Came back to it last weekend. Got into a 5 Heat chase, ran for like an hour for the fun of it. Hit a tree and got caught, lost all my money. Literally zero dollars.

  5. I think it's like people who have no problem burping or farting around others. Some people just to not mind being disgusting around others. And yes it is absolutely disgusting and I've had to point it out to several of my friends before they stopped doing it. Some of them were even surprised at the notion that it was off-putting.

  6. get nvme SSD, a good quality one won't cost much more

  7. Thanks! Ill be getting a nvme SSD for sure :). Custom cooler I might leave out for now. But that might be the first upgrade :)

  8. Obviously, budget first and you should never buy something you can’t afford. But, if you can swing a cpu cooler I would recommend it. My 5600x ran VERY hot with the stock cooler and after a day of use I picked up a Hyper Evo 212 for ~$50 USD. It has been more than sufficient with my build 5600x / 3080 and gives me a lot of piece of mind.

  9. Yeha ive seen they are not expensive so thats a big plus! I might have forgotten some stuff anyway :sweat_smile: so so my second order will probably include a decent cpu cooler. Coming to think of it, i forgot to order a wifi chip :sweat:

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