1. As long as the speeds don't go down and Twitter/Tesla don't go bankrupt you'll be fine

  2. I know. People bitching about caps and slowing speeds seem to have forgotten what life was like at 1Mbps should be praying for Starlink not to go bankrupt. The thought has of bankruptcy had crossed my mind but hopefully my fiber will be here before that. It’s supposed to go live first quarter 2023

  3. It was an exciting day when I got mine. I couldn’t sleep waiting for the delivery day. That day I stayed home all day and sat by the window so that I could see the UPS driving up my road. Unpacking it was like a Christmas Day. The next day I felt such a relief and thought: “My days of 1Mbps are over. Never again”. Ten years of suffering with crappy internet are over. My speeds have gone down since then but 50Mbps is good enough for me.

  4. WOW this looks like my set up. I had to do a double take thinking it was my house

  5. I admit we are working on getting fiber but we all can thank starlink for making them bust into action because they never would have unless starlink was here. They can't have starlink being the only one capitalizing on these areas that's why now finally they are making it available.

  6. No. It is because finally the government is giving grants for local communities and coops to install fiber. My coop was given the grant in 2020 and fiber will be up and running first quarter of 2023

  7. Well, that's complete Bullshit. Mr trickle down. You can trace the decline of the US and its meddle class straight back to the Reagan tax cuts for the wealthy.

  8. The loss of jobs for the middle class started with NAFTA and thousands of good high paying jobs have been lost in the name of climate change including farmers having to go bankrupt and give up their lands. But ok just ask Sri Lankans

  9. Yrox NAFTA another republican creation. Look at you repeating the other bullshit rightwing lies as well

  10. Approved, signed and ratified by Democrats when they had the White House, Senate and Congress. Facts are not your friend.

  11. You don't need to adjust anything Netflix does that based of your TV resolution and internet speeds. I can't stand 480p now that 1080p and even 4k has been around for 10 years

  12. That’s if you set it on “auto” but if you manually adjust it to a specific resolution, it will only play the one resolution you chose. HD was never an option for us since it wouldn’t play. Let alone 4K.

  13. Oh ok I thought that was in the beginning and now it's automatic lol but yea if you couldn't play higher resolution it's probably because your TV is only 480p or your internet is too slow to streaming anything higher.

  14. My TV is HD but we never watched anything in HD because our internet was only 2Mbps and it wouldn’t support HD streaming. So I set all the streaming platforms in SD and have never changed it.

  15. Being the only option doesn’t make it a good deal. It means they have no competition and it’s much easier to gouge you.

  16. LMAO having an option as opposed to none is precisely what makes it a good deal

  17. You said it, they don’t have another option. As far as I’m concerned, just not having to deal with the bitch of my mom and pop ISP is a relief. I would break into cold sweat and get heart palpitations every time I had to call their office. So I had to put up with her rudeness and crappy internet because I had no other choice. TEN YEARS dealing with verbal abuse. So yeah, I’ll gladly deal with any TOS Starlink throws my way. We should be more worried about them going bankrupt and cease operations. I don’t know how much longer they can operate without turning a profit.

  18. Definitely them going bankrupt is a high probability. I'm not too afraid because all that hardware will find a new owner who should be able to buy it all for a song.

  19. Amazon is in its infancy. They will start launching their prototype satellites in 2023. Half of them will be in placed by 2026 and at capacity by 2029. Hopefully Starlink won’t go under before that.

  20. SL has a pretty fair data cap. In big bold letters it says that based on my current usage this won't effect me. Also data used between 11p and 7a doesn't count.

  21. I got the same email. I just checked and I have consumed 425GB with three more days to go on my billing cycle. Plenty to spare.

  22. Where do you go to check this?

  23. Go on the app and click on “my account”. The icon with the little person. If you don’t see it right away then you need to update your app

  24. That's my guilty pleasure. Coming home, and plopping into bed with youtube playing videos. Glad to know I can go to sleep and not have my priority eaten

  25. LMAO I do that too. I put on the earbuds and fall asleep watching YouTube on my iPad. Once I woke up scared shitless because I heard someone whispering in my ear 🤣🤣🤣

  26. It was sold as internet. Period. With stated speeds, stated price. And unlimited. At no point did starlink tell customers that they really should only get starlink as an absolute last resort.

  27. I guess you missed the ad with the picture of the house in the middle of nowhere with dishy on top. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is satellite internet. Sorry you thought it would be comparable to wired internet. My internet has gone from 100Mbps to 60Mbps. It beats the 1.5Mbps I had before. No complaints here.

  28. Ah yes. It's only for people in the absolute middle of nowhere. Got it now.

  29. In other news, a guy from the local power company came by today preparing to stretch fiber in my area. A year from now, I will gladly give up my dishy and move to something more reliable and less aggravating.

  30. I’ll be getting fiber to the first quarter of 2023 through my local electric coop. I’ve been getting their emails and I even got their letter authorizing them to port my phone number. I’ll be getting a landline as well.

  31. I was one of the customers selected to purchase when it first came out. I’ve been very happy with it.

  32. As a non-American, it seems to me it would be better for the US government to start their own telecommunications company that builds fibre in places where there isn't any fibre or cable, but instead of selling directly to customers, they just wholesale it to any ISP.

  33. I don’t know how the government in your country works but here in the USA anything they government tries to run turns to shit. When things don’t work they just keep throwing more money to it and nothing gets solved. Just ask anyone who’s had to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  34. Local electrical coops are getting grants to install fiber. Mine will be provided by my local electrical coop. They just call me to confirm that I will be getting the installation in January

  35. I just got the call 5 minutes ago that my fiber will be activated beginning of the year. I don’t know what I would have done without Starlink.

  36. The barcode reader only saves me a few seconds by scanning instead of typing in the search box. No big deal for me, so I keep on using MFP.

  37. Naah, haven't considered switching.... as I said, scanner not being available any longer isn't the showstopper for me.

  38. I’ve been with MFP 10 years now. They were the only game in town. Now there are tons of apps like that. To mes the scanner is a must. Scan the labels and log in my food is the only thing I do with n MFP so changing to another app with a scanner won’t be an issue for me.

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