1. I moved away a while ago and miss this place and the sub, weirdly. Oak tree crew for life.

  2. The title of the article is the exact opposite: "National Grid cancels plans to start emergency winter scheme"

  3. They have updated and changed the headline since publishing

  4. The article itself is opposite to the title on the post.

  5. Yeah you can see it was first published at 12.21 and then updated at 15.41.

  6. You’re absolutely nuts or completely deluded if you don’t think there wasn’t censorship regarding Covid. The lab origin, mask efficacy, ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine, adverse reactions to the vaccine, vaccine efficacy, death totals, ongoing excess deaths, the list goes on and on. You’re swimming in the ocean and asserting there’s no water.

  7. 'you're absolutely nuts or completely deluded' - projection at it's finest.

  8. Americans should have responded by throwing bags of tea

  9. Christ. Too soon. A lot of us Brits are not over the Boston Tea Party. A truly tragic event.

  10. There are a lot of social barriers that get put up, wealth related ones (first class vs the rest), security barriers, comfort barriers (airports want to keep people moving and buying instead of getting comfortable).

  11. They do. You're looking at a feature article from the Observer though, which as well as other publications, usually uses that writing style for features. It's not unqiue to any publication.

  12. Maybe because people judge him on his performance in the show…. Hence the whole premise of the show…. Your not judging people in the show for what they have done their whole life… you judge them based on how they perform in tasks and interact with camp mates.

  13. Of all the gazillions of things that Nestle has done wrong, I think that 'water is not a human right' quote was blown out of proportion, big time.

  14. Freshwater sources are in decline too. Eventually we will have to face up to shortages and how we use our water. That said, fuck Nestlé the baby killers.

  15. Ahhh well sounds like your definition of freedom may differ from a vast majority of peoples

  16. Freedom Fries, Liberty cabbage - I think most countries idea of freedom differs from the states.

  17. So who gets James Corden?

  18. Lets just both agree to leave him half way in the Atlantic ocean until the next cup.

  19. Honestly, Is there anyone who doesn’t look back on some of the stuff they did and said in their teen’s and early 20s and doesn’t cringe?

  20. My biggest fear is when you die you don't get a flashback of your life, just a reel of the cringe moments.

  21. They'll update it to slingshot once they have robbed enough clicks from Onager and Trebuchet enthusiasts.

  22. Is it weird that I can easily imagine a resident of Tonbridge using a trebuchet?

  23. Not at all. I often find myself daydreaming of the most superior, the most glorious and structurally impressive siege weapon known to man too.

  24. Not content with discrediting climate change action, this idiot wants to tar civiil rights activism too.

  25. As I keep saying, take it to downing Street and parliament. Take it to the banks and corporations. It's not the public's fault that the government and corporations won't be greener. I know that protesting is part of the process of change but so is diplomacy and making sure that if you protest, it's the people causing the issues you're protesting.

  26. Nice. I wonder what sort of wild conspiracies 6g will bring our way. It turned me into a newt!

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