the harry potter series is deservedly on its last legs

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  1. I always give him hay, both timothy and alfalfa (started giving him alfalfa yesterday but then heard somewhere that it may cause bladder stones) he gets spring mix every day, and also has the Oxbow Essentials Young guinea pig food (that's good stuff, right?) Planning on setting up a bigger cage very soon.

  2. He wants a friend. Please get him one ASAP. He will be much happier

  3. Ok Tysm. I knew they popcorned but I didn’t know they would shake while doing it. It’s such a relief to know that it’s normal. I thought something was wrong 😅

  4. One of my piggies gets so into popcorning he sometimes zooms into the side of the cage. That scared the hell out of me the first time I saw him do that.

  5. Totally! I had a package stolen by Evri a few weeks ago. It was a nice hoody I ordered from Vinted. Now I physically feel nervous when I order online and see it’s coming via those fuckers. There is basically no way to easily report the theft either.

  6. A colleague of mine ordered a few pairs of trainers and hermes were due to deliver. The driver knocked and left one box of trainers on the doorstep without waiting for him to answer the door. He chased after the driver to ask about the other boxes and the drivers wife was in the car with him and had them on her lap! Since then I absolutely dread any time they have to deliver my stuff

  7. Literally so confused by this video??? Even after knowing which boss this is, that's not what that fight looks like right? Wtf is happening?

  8. Should definitely be red. Cant work out myself why it looks like this

  9. Only thing I can think is its some sort of bug loading in the other textures?

  10. Outskirts is up there. But for me it's Tseldora and the Iron Passage

  11. L4HH says:

    Wait til you see Orphan it’s INSANE, but fair, but holy fuck

  12. I've always found orphan pretty easy. Never takes more than a few tries each playthrough. I do however get stuck on Ludwig for days every time

  13. They often alluded that Chandler made bank or was at least pretty successful, doing whatever it was that he does?? Haha

  14. After a while you really notice how oppressive and limiting the "Apple ecosystem" is. So many things are locked down and "simplified".

  15. Unfortunately most people tied into the apple ecosystem refuse to try other things and don't know what they're missing

  16. More like bite-size onion bhaji’s

  17. A lot of people are saying Nioh 2 lol. I don't really mind much for the story it's the gameplay aspect that's the most important to me in 3rd person rpg's

  18. If you're getting it on ps5 I'd go for the complete edition and play through both of them. Theyre both amazing

  19. Updating BIOS is wayyy more easier and faster than you think. You can do the whole thing (downloading etc. included) within 5 min. And you mobo may not support g series at all

  20. Itscan oem mobo from a prebuild and finding any info out about it us seemingly impossible lol I think I may just grab the cou and try it and if not get a cheap compatible mobo

  21. I can get a compatible one for around £50 but was hoping to save some money by using what I have. But it is what it is lol thanks for the Info 👍

  22. 1440p is easier to drive and if you're like most people, you probably have an older computer or graphics card so having less pixels to have to drive will give you better fps.

  23. Sorry I should have put specs in my post. I have a 3080ti and R7 5800 so it handles 4k good enough. I'm just unsure as to whether or not its worth going for 4k at that size

  24. Oh its pretty sharp because the density is high. I think a 32 inch 4k monitor is the sweet spot, but I recently got a 27 inch LGGP950 and its super nice.

  25. Unfortunately the 32 inch moniters available to me are double the price of the 1440 and the 28 inch rk is only slightly more than the 1440. How's the text on your 27? Does it scale well?

  26. That's silly. OP can do it himself with a good jack, four jackstands, a filter wrench, and a knife sharpener.

  27. Thats just bad advice. It specifically has to be a left handed filter wrench and you don't use jackstands you use skyhooks

  28. Unless you have AC or living in Cold place, it's always advisable to get an proper heat sink for SSD.

  29. Thanks, the new motherboard came with its own heatsink and I've installed that to it now. Everything seems to be working fine

  30. Yes it's a plate attached with adhesive to the SSD (green board) underneath.

  31. Maybe. I cannot say from that angle. Look at what’s between the plate and green SSD board under it. If it looks like rubbery/spongy pad, yeah gentle pull should take it.

  32. OK cool, thanks. I'll have it tomorrow and inspect it and see whats what

  33. Why are you changing the motherboard?

  34. I don't have enough headers and don't have the headers I need for my front panel I/O. I also can't control any fan settings in bios. I also want to get a pcie wifi/Bluetooth card and the port is blocked by my gpu on the current mobo.

  35. Was it an OEM windows or retail you had? My mobo and windows came with a prebuilt.

  36. Why is dying light going to be bad?

  37. Because unless its a flawless 10/10 people on the Internet will claim its a dumpster fire

  38. Sadly I think late bloomers is something that FM has never managed to replicate in their game. Jamie Vardy for example couldn't have had this development in game even if his PA was high because at a certain age players barely improve. I've seen a lot of good and interesting solutions to this problem on this reddit and SI forum, but it doesn't seem that important to SI or maybe they don't know how to implement it in game. So the only players I've had in LLM saves that was good enough to stay in the club from league two to premier league are young players with good potential that could grow and adjust to every new division. It's always painful to get rid of club legends when you reach the top because they aren't even close to being good enough to play. But sometimes I keep some legends anyway and give them some minutes in cups or when I know a game is won as a thank you for your service kind of way.

  39. It works the same with newgens too. I had a youngster who had potential to be a 4 star but no matter what I did and how many minutes he played he only ended up as a 2.5 star. This was despite the fact that he scored on average 20 goals a season with a boatload of assist playing as a winger. His value went up a little but is rep never did

  40. [PC] MSI RTX 3070. Not sure on exact model, this has come out a lenovo legion t5 pre build. Its only had around a month of gaming on it.

  41. Did they work for you? Any issues?

  42. Yeah these are working for me. Haven't noticed any issues so far. This is a pack of 2 male send 2 female connectors so if you have 3 plugs like I did you'll need 2 packs

  43. 9okm says:

    Good reviews. I'd imagine they're fine. It's a pretty simple device.

  44. no plastic containers will EXPLODE if you put kief in them you must keep your kief in a used condom and twist tie the end to keep it closed. then place said condom in the back of your freezer. this is the ONLY safe way to store kief

  45. Does it have to be my used condom or can I borrow one from a friend?

  46. Wait the commander core hubs are supposed to appear on iCUE?

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