[Charania] BREAKING: The Brooklyn Nets are trading Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, a first-round and multiple second-round picks, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.

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  1. Hes also a YorkU basketball player. That versatility could come in handy

  2. Hes been amazing for me. Just have to understand his strengths and weaknesses. Hes great on corners when your opponent doesnt move his keeper, he can fire rockets from outside the box, hes a great passer, and hes been brilliant against the press for me. Hes super strong on the ball, dont try to go around guys. Just holding the ball an extra second for someone else to get free, and his skills help him progress a little bit if needed, just don’t approach guys trying to dribble around everyone with him

  3. Shai might still get rested come fantasy playoff time. You never know.

  4. They’re in contention for the play in, and hes in all-pro conversations. I wouldnt bet on him getting shut down anymore

  5. heres what Dinwiddie will look like in a Nets jersey

  6. My sources tell me that he’s been named as a suspect in literally hundreds of homicides and fled from a team practice after checking his phone.

  7. Its not that it isnt obvious youre making a joke, its more that the joke was terrible

  8. How do I feel about the second part? Do the commanders have good DB’s?

  9. At worst very solid. I think they were one of the better units last season

  10. Yeah because fighting tooth and nail for the right to play quick menu simulator isn’t extra…

  11. Im not fighting tooth and nail im disagreeing with you. Youre the one being overly dramatic with the interpersonal relationship bs

  12. “Managers main job is warming relievers not soft skills like leadership and communication” 🤓

  13. I cant tell if youre trolling or just that stupid so I guess Ill call it quits here

  14. Hes done such a good job rebuilding himself after the incident in college. Turns out hes still a piece of shit

  15. Just when I thought this sub was dead until 23 came out, we ended up getting some absolute bangers in the past few weeks

  16. I stopped playing 22 early. Love that this sub is now getting me hyped for 23 somehow

  17. They should do Jamal Williams, he just seems like a great guy. Plus he led the league in rushing TDs and broke Barry Sander’s TD record so that’s something

  18. I fucking love Jamaal Williams. Just felt the need to say it

  19. Chiefs because of Andy Reid. And I don’t really hate Mahomes like a lot of people do. I don’t hate anyone on the Eagles either but their fanbase is awful

  20. People dont hate Mahomes. They hate his weird brother and his obnoxious wife

  21. OP has other comments in his history where he’s calling Jazz a locker room cancer based on blogs and rumors about him being “too flashy” according to anonymous sources. Dude just doesn’t like Jazz for some weird reason.

  22. Tatis pushed himself into the spotlight for being a controversial player. But now everyone is up in arms about Jazz doing a euro step

  23. Wow, I sure am surprised that MLB doesnt look very good on the console that had to visually downgrade fortnite to make it playable

  24. And I get it. I see people on twitch giving $20/50/100 at a time. Your money, you can spend on whatever, who am I to tell you what to buy / give happiness. I personally just can’t fathom spending money on something that is free. And it’s my thoughts when I see teams like this.

  25. To give you the other perspective. I dont spend a ton on this game but definitely spend. For me it’s basically the equivalent of going to watch a movie. $20 here an there for a little bit of entertainment. Im not investing into my team as if its going to always be there, it just enhances my fun a bit since I have the disposable income

  26. Nike has basically copy pasted the same OVO style for like 6 straight years of Raptors jerseys. I could see them doing that, although Id hate it

  27. I mean I guess Red but this rule is quite stupid

  28. Why would Nike bother with this? I always just assumed they released a billion NBA jerseys because they can make more money with a few more options. Very weird

  29. The cover athletes get to negotiate a price point, if you think Jazz isnt a hell of a lot cheaper than Mike Trout or other stars idk what you are on about.

  30. You just said Trout would demand $10-20M. Thats a joke lol, they dont pay that much for it. A lot of guys just want to be on the cover so theyll do it for less. They do not pay a whole year of a contract for that.

  31. They definitely pay close to that much for a big name, you are hiring a spokesperson/ambassador for your game, he also will have to take numerous days of his time to attend events, film commercials, and take the inherent risk that if the game sucks his face is on the cover. This isnt something that comes cheap, just cause a player may like the game or want to be on the cover doesnt mean they will do it for a discount. Yeah they used Harper 2 years ago, but theres nothing saying they decided this year to cut back on marketing costs. Ohtani is reportedly taking in $20m annually in endorsement deals, but that number probably drops cause he isnt on the cover this year and FTX was probably also a big chunk of that. Maybe $5m is a more realistic number for a big name. But they get paid well.

  32. 2K has refused to pay Charles Barkley $1M to have him do a bunch of voice acting and have his likeness in the game. A game of MLBTS size would not be paying that much. Yes it is a commitment, but the figures youre throwing out are imo, probably way off. We dont know the behind the scenes of what happened this time, but its pretty easy to figure out why Jazz was chosen

  33. The tone of this post confuses me. Are you implying you want games to be using more budget on cover athletes and not actual gameplay stuff?

  34. Its crazy how some people care so much about something that affects the game so little

  35. Our next objective is figuring out if Turner has a fat suit

  36. I honestly don’t think the cover of the game will impact sales all that much. How often does someone get a sports game with the deciding factor being the cover athlete? Probably pretty rare.

  37. Cover athletes can influence very young players to buy the game if they dont get it every year, it can influence hometown support, but its not very important for the most part. I think games prefer just finding guys they can work with easily who fit a few parameters.

  38. Thank you for saying this, it’s dead on. It’s bizarre how so many people can’t figure this out.

  39. I had to give up on that first thread. So many comments suggesting guys like Verlander, Goldschmidt, completely missing why various cover athletes are chosen. Chisholm is a bit surprising because I thought hed be further down their list, but on a smaller scale he represents exactly what most cover athletes are.

  40. Ohtani was great pick nobody is denying that. In fact, I'd argue he was their best pick ever. There's no denying that. But they also had Baez and David Wright etc.

  41. I dont know why youre under that belief, that makes no sense and the MLB has no reason to do that.

  42. Lmao. You think Lebron is the greatest player of all time. No, hell no. Have you ever heard of Kornet bud?

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