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Megathread: Roe V. Wade has been overturned which means House Bill 1280 will take affect in 30 days banning all abortions in the state of Texas unless the woman's life in danger.

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  1. Ok, where's the guy pointing out that Beto is not Hispanic and using the nickname just to trick Hispanic voters.

  2. Back when he was up against Cruz for the senate seat, a family member said something like that to me.

  3. The first two times I tried watching The Office, I couldn’t make it more than a few episodes in to the first season.

  4. (Assuming you’re in the US) There is no version on Netflix. Hulu has subbed and dubbed for “Hellsing”, and subbed for “Hellsing Ultimate”. The dubbed version of “Hellsing Ultimate” is available on Funimation and maybe Crunchy Roll.

  5. A couple of years ago one of my wife’s cousins had an aneurysm at 21 years old. After a few days in the hospital she was declared brain dead.

  6. I’m pretty sure they actually give the full amount - the trick is that now THEY can deduct it as a “charitable donation” instead of you. 50 cents might not be much to you but over hundreds / thousands of customers I’m sure it adds up.

  7. No, they can’t. Please stop spreading whatever nonsense that you read without taking two minutes to verify it first.

  8. my exact feelings. i love CR but this opening is... not as good as I would expect from them. Nothing wrong with the opening but... in terms of quality, it's just not on an ideal level.

  9. I mean, being totally honest? Your Turn to Roll is the only intro in the entire run of the show that wasn’t hokey/cheesy/otherwise bad.

  10. I would prefer that any office that charges additional fees for patients that show up late or cancel late have to pay those fees to the patients if they are late or cancel themselves.

  11. Nowadays Imagine Dragons has become the main band that is super trendy to hate.

  12. We are one of the biggest shithole states in the biggest shithole western country.

  13. Yeah I lost both as well. I actually lived abroad in an ACTUAL first-world country, and I also lived in another state. It's embarrassing how shitty this place is; I'm here only because my wife and I have family here.

  14. Same here, my wife and I are both very close with our families who live in Texas.

  15. Brand new meaning just a new episode? Or brand new meaning starting from scratch?

  16. I guess both albums were remastered in 2011, so they used that date?

  17. Timm responded to a post I made on this subreddit once. Probably the closest thing to a celebrity encounter I’ll ever have, lol.

  18. First world problem: my office upgraded all of our monitors to 24 inches, and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the size of them. Our old ones were around 20 inches I think.

  19. I didn’t care for Fabian at the start of the campaign, but damn if he didn’t grow on me. Lou is absolutely awesome!

  20. Best rule of thumb I’ve seen is that if you are old enough to remember 9-11, but not old enough to remember the Challenger explosion, you are a millennial.

  21. Holy shit, even at my worst binge drinking days I never spent more than 50 bucks a month in booze.

  22. Were you binge drinking dirty thirty’s of Keystone? That’s the only way I could think that someone could conceivably approach binge drinking on $50 a month.

  23. Say buying the stand required a total investment of 100$.

  24. Any chance you could explain DuPont’s Disaggregation in cookies?

  25. Wait people have this much time? I have been struggling keeping up lol

  26. Yeah, the only way I was able to catch up was by listening to the podcast versions of C1 and C2 while I was at work/doing chores. Still took me months to get through both of them.

  27. and an old lady stole his baklava so he’s in for a cold night.

  28. Maybe it’s not her most illustrious role, but one of my favorite bits of trivia about her is that she also voices Shin Chan in the English dub.

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