1. Maybe he should just stick to the 1950s cowboy and indians movies.

  2. Yes. It's that balance for deterrence. You need your adversary to know what you can do so that it deters their behavior. Such as, "we can detect and track your hypersonic vehicles" so that your adversaries will be less likely (hopefully) to use them.

  3. "Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, if you keep it a secret! Why didn't you tell the world, eh?!!"

  4. Reason 473 for never going on a cruise.

  5. Tinder Chads, maybe slow down for a little bit. For your health!

  6. True More than likely shooter thought he was aming for middle of his chest but got half of his arm. If it hit dead center his arm would be gone.

  7. Anybody willing to print these for me? :)

  8. I wish you all the best of luck, but don't be surprised if they just decide to close the store :(

  9. This is what practical effects gets you!

  10. Not directly related but I believe Arrowhead is a grass surface, one of only a few grass fields that the NFL plays on. How does the surface hold up to gridiron football?

  11. Holds up very well during normal conditions in football games. The field is heated in the winter to keep it from freezing.

  12. Thankfully he has "former" in his title.

  13. I wonder how many injuries this movie caused by the increase of drunk women trying to dance on bars.

  14. They had no choice but to lunch a military operation into Ukraine or invade Ukraine, blame NATO for this, sense NATO promised it would never be on the Russian border, but Ukraine knowing this said I want to join NATO.

  15. So what? Just because they asked Russia should invade and kill indiscriminately?

  16. Painters were supposed to start on my house this week :(

  17. In Missouri you have to have front and back, KS just back. MO and KS are doing a crack down on temp tags so all the warnings are for people they pulled over but shouldn't have.

  18. Here's the things kids, sometimes you will come across older folks who just don't give a fuck anymore. Just steer clear of them, they will be gone you before know it.

  19. Is this smoking or grilling? Either way it's bad ass.

  20. I get really annoyed when I see luxury cars with several months expired tags. I’ve seen a few Mercedes SUVs and some Lexus SUVs. C’mon now!

  21. Just saw an Mercedes AMG GLC-43 with Sept 2021 temp tags. 😡

  22. More of the Midwestern passive aggressive with the comment and your downvote of his 😂

  23. Couldn't think of it. You hit the nail on the head. 😂

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