1. It's constructive criticism. This is the NFL. Only the most elite athletes make it. The vets are going to demand a lot of those that are possible starters whether they are rookies or not. Even the rookies have appreciated the advice given so far and understand what they are playing for.

  2. This isn’t how you lead a locker room. You keep your dirty laundry private. A veteran quarterback shouldn’t call out rookies during a press conference like Aaron Rodgers did. How does that help anyone?

  3. How is holding your receivers to a high standard dirty laundry? They have had a lot of drops and ran wrong routes a lot in practice and in the first preseason game.

  4. Your rookie receivers? You do that internally. You don’t say that type of shit to journalists. You think players are going to want to put their body on the line for someone that just throws them under the bus any chance they get?

  5. Oh he won’t stay there. This year is going to be a wash and next year will be his first shot at a real season. If he doesn’t have at least a winning season in 2023 he could become that diva again and demand a trade. They have a big receiver problem.

  6. As a football fan, I’m disgusted by his lack of remorse, and critical thinking. He was given basically a gift, and he still is mouthing off?

  7. For some context, this org seems to love Woodside. Dude has been our backup for a few years now and beats out everyone else we've ever brought in to challenge him. I don't know what he does in practice to give them so much faith, but apparently it's been enough up until now.

  8. Her sucked in that preseason game against the Ravens. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen him play though.

  9. Kinda funny how all of this has pretty much been caused by them losing a single game to the Jaguars

  10. He likely would’ve been gone regardless of they won against the Jags or not. The problems they had with Wentz was beyond just the field. The rumors were that he took the entire locker room down a notch.

  11. Soooo im not the only one who contemplated getting tix on the browns sidelines and purchasing things at the game that could potentially be thrown at people named Derrick, right? Right?

  12. I’m just going to scream at him and hold up banner saying “No means no”

  13. Oh stop it, I don’t need you giving me a chubby right now! 😂

  14. Given the length of time he hasn't played a game for and (hopefully) the crowd noise and chants, he might actually be bad now.

  15. He does tend to start seasons slow, especially 2018 after his injury. Hope he comes out and tosses 4 picks

  16. Y’all should try to organize a mass wearing of the same color or something that represents “Fuck Deshaun”. That games gonna be a national televised game, would be awesome way to help send a message.

  17. Green? Would be the only color that would mean anything, but that’s not a Texans color so that’s really not going to work.

  18. Imagine feeling like you should be happy your $230M QB1 has been suspended for 11 games. That’s a win? Pathetic.

  19. I’m already going, and I’m gonna be yelling at him. F that douche.

  20. Where do you get that you have a chance to dominate the division in 2 years?? Not being a dick but am curious

  21. https://reddit.com/r/Texans/comments/wr63ci/_/ikrlmzv/?context=1

  22. According to my math Rams are 86-74-1 the last 10 seasons, far different than 73-86-1 like it states. In the last 5 years with McVay the Rams are 55-26-0. McVay has the highest winning percentage of any active coach with a .679 win percentage.

  23. He’s always called himself a liberal. My guess is that he knows exactly how scummy the GOP is, but is mostly just interested in some more of those tax breaks for the 1%.

  24. He’s neither. I don’t like him overall, but he has some incredibly liberal views like when it comes to abortion or drugs but he has very conservative views on the inclusion of some LGBT and minority policies. He’s all over the place.

  25. Potentially. Our inside oline still has alot to prove before pierce can really turn into a top rb

  26. Green is back and he should do plenty to help Pierce out, but yes he’s got a lot to prove.

  27. In yardage gained? No. In yards per gain? No. But if ‘top’ means a really nice guy with a good future ahead of him, then yes. Potentially.

  28. That’s roughly 800 yards and 5-6 TDs in rushing alone. Yes, that’s absolutely possible.

  29. Wait the fucking Texans are trying to come in here and talk shit?? 😂😂😂😂

  30. Browns will have their running game and defense too.

  31. I picked Greenard. He was on his way to having double digit sacks which we haven’t seen since JJ. 8 sacks in 12 weeks and then an injury.

  32. New offensive coordinator - unproven, so who knows how his actual system will show.

  33. I'm just saying arguably one of your best defensive players "may be done for the season" - TBD, I think this is where Lovie Smith has to go out there and just address it and move on because it now WILL affect the makeup of the roster for Game 1 thru whenever. Is it so bad him going out there and saying player X has an injury that will keep him out an undetermined amount of time, we will have additional updates for you as they become available. There also is gambling on NFL preseason games as degenerate as that is lol.

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