1. Anissina & Peizerat's R&J Free Dance with the story told in reverse and each of them lifting the other at some points.

  2. I also recall an episode years ago of a show called "Homicide" I think and there was a plot that was similar to that, but it played out even worst, imho. I sincerely hope that plot was not real; because it appeared the victim's mother facilitated the assault, because her daughter became comatose due to a car accident that caused a miscarriage and she didn't want to be cheated out of a grand child!!!! WTF!!! Ironically, she did not get the baby, because she was arrested and after the child was delivered and the mother passed away, the rapist's (who went to prison as well) family got the baby.

  3. Thanks for posting this- I'd never seen this channel before, though I recognize Kate Micucci from her role on The Big Bang Theory.

  4. The other one, Riki Lindhome, was also on TBBT; played Sheldon’s admirer, Ramona Nowitzki.

  5. They literally think he’s Jack Sparrow or one of the characters he played in movies. Look how many of his supporters have pirate flags or the people dressing up as Edward Scissorhands and Michael Jackson Willy Wonka for the trial

  6. I saw a little kid dressed as Scissorhands for last Halloween 😞, felt way too coincidental.

  7. Right?! I’m a passionate defender of Amber Heard, but I’m also a vocal defender of Brendan Fraser, Ioan Gruffudd, Anthony Rapp, Terry Crews, James Van Der Beek, and Alex Winter, to name just a few.

  8. Exactly! You don’t see Depp fanatics using any of their already wasted energy in defending any of those men, most of those crazies will only share it for Depp’s BFF Brian Warner (apparently he hates being called by his real name and not his stage name ☺️).

  9. Somebody started talking to Jimmy Fallon during update once. Somebody was so amped up by Justin Timberlake she had to be removed during the Christmas Wrappinville sketch.

  10. Don’t Stop Believin, Somebody to Love, Like a Prayer, River Deep Mountain High.

  11. I really liked Cycles 6, 15 and 16; 6 had great characters and an overall talented and down-to-earth top two while 15 and 16 felt the most like real modeling competitions with the many contestants who could be legit models, the photoshoots (especially 16) and levels of guest judges (they started 15 with Diane Von Fürstenberg and ended it with Roberto Cavalli!).

  12. I remember watching the door dance on so you think you can dance and just being blown away by his talent. RIP.

  13. It’s really triggering to watch as someone with Asperger’s. The girls’ behavior was exactly how kids behaved around me during grade school, GRADE SCHOOL. Bianca’s excuse that it was friendly banter towards Heather is what was told to me whenever I dared to get upset about or call them out on their teasing, basically both adults and kids gaslighting a kid who was on the spectrum so that they could feel guilt-free when the kid finally shut up/changed schools.

  14. Wasn’t even supposed to be their Samba song, supposed to be Work It by Missy Elliott but they found it not appropriate for Riker’s image, like this was any cleaner.

  15. Yep we’ve noticed. Hehe. It’s still funny though.

  16. Would she really do another one so soon? Not complaining though!

  17. I loved how all the actual parents (Jeffrey, Korto and Seth Aaron) were having fun riding the school bus 😂 Gabourey Sidibe was a fun guest judge, “I base my outfits on whether or not Beyonce would wear them!” 😄😍

  18. The icing on top is that Cycle 8 had some of the WORST photoshoots in Top Model history and they acted a mess like this in front of designers with their portfolios being a mess as well.

  19. Idk how they managed to not get booked based on the inspired photoshoots of Political Issues, School Stereotypes, Nude Candy, Homicides, Drag, Four Sides and Reality TV Scenes 😂 if only the Swimsuits photoshoot had happened before the go-sees, that was probably the only shoot that would be taken seriously in the real world of go-sees.

  20. Also her not being originally a ballroom dancer is now irrelevant since DWTS currently employs some pros who also were originally contemporary or jazz dancers so 🤷‍♀️

  21. Yes but Britt and Koko are regularly training in ballroom now which I don’t think has been Allison’s priority or on her mind at the moment understandably. She also wasn’t the best teacher for beginners even after her shaky first season and good second season; Andy stagnated for the first several weeks, did great with Sharna for Switch-Up, naturally excelled in Allison’s Jazz specialty and then faltered back to his stagnant stage for the last two weeks which were Latin and ballroom. Babyface showed some promise in his first two dances, then lost to an injured Jana Kramer in the duel dances week and finally messed up big time in what became his last dance.

  22. I love the (future) back-to-back pro champs dancing together, I think Karina even contributed to their amazing Freestyle!

  23. Love to hear this about Robert De Niro. I’m a huge fan of his work and I have a soft spot for him because he looks so much like my grandpa it’s scary.

  24. Yup. And it got so bad to the point where she hid under a desk for hours.

  25. Yeah basically the only contestants who didn’t participate in the bullying of Alamela were Alex, Caris and Belinda. I read somewhere that Alamela revealed that Alyce apologized to her during filming but it wasn’t aired.

  26. The UK version of Dancing With The Stars is Strictly Come Dancing - there's a story that there's a 'curse' on the show that anyone who take spart while in a relationship will often have that relationship break up during or shortly after their participation in the show. It's not really a CURSE though - it's really a polite way to say that the dancers and the celebrities keep hooking up and breaking up existing relationships over it.

  27. Just to clarify, Jimi Mistry and his first wife divorced several months before he met Flavia on Strictly that same year.

  28. I wish the four people in the finale was a thing at the time, because I would have loved to see Wanya make it too 😫

  29. Same, the last several spring seasons missed out on some great fourth finalists (Nastia, Wanyá if he was higher than Antonio, Simone, Mirai if higher than Chris and Jennie).

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