1. Logitech is on the cheap end for Xbox controllers.

  2. i highly doubt there were sharks next to a big moving boat like that just waiting for someone to jump off, it was the current from the boat

  3. It wasn’t a big moving boat. The misconception here is that it was a cruise ship, it wasn’t. It was a booze cruise party boat that looked like a pirate ship. He wasn’t that far from the water.

  4. Everyone saying I can’t believe he jumped but he was an 18 year old kid on a booze cruise. They all had probably been drinking for awhile before this. I’m almost positive alcohol is to blame for him jumping in. All high school grads on a booze cruise in the Bahamas where the legal age is 18, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened more often. Terribly tragic though, prayers for the family.

  5. Considering the people next to us were blowing trees…lol. They were polite and moved though.

  6. It’s worth less than $1500 with a 4070. Probably much less since Microcenter was doing the 7700x combo for cheap. Builder probably spent around 1k and is charging you 3k. Now they also downgraded your 4070 to a 3070!? Lol. This person is a literal scammer. Sorry.

  7. I called about the 3070 and he said he ordered me a 4070TI to replace the 3070. Does that make much of a difference?

  8. Not my story but a girl I dated was telling me about a guy she was gonna hook up with. He refused to have sex with her unless she took an ice bath so that “she could feel like a dead body”.

  9. The dogs head pops up at the perfect time “what the fuuuck”

  10. I just read an article from a K9 trainer that said he found it highly suspicious the dogs weren’t able to find the body even if it were under water. He also said that within a few hours the smell would have started coming through the water. I just find it unbelievable regardless of the area being underwater that nothing was found until the day his parents go to help.

  11. well idk what to tell you bc that’s exactly what happened whether you believe it or not

  12. Hey, really glad to hear you made it through that rough patch, dude! Good luck with your ex, internet stranger me is rooting for you

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