Elon Musk Declares war on Apple. Puts!

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  1. I bought 7 new snow blowers because I didn't want to do any snow removal this year

  2. As you walk up it opens like your wife’s legs.

  3. Quite presumptuous of you to assume someone who has no idea how apps operate, has a wife.

  4. Its ok. Once OPs system has generated enough bacteria to kill him, the system will be condemned

  5. The real question is what's happening to the hot dogs?

  6. I think it's pathetic that you (not you-you, the theoretical "You") can dismiss an argument over semantics like, an assault rifle, and a non-assualt rifle that has rapid rates of fire, fires bullets that create massive damage, are regularly used to shoot and assault others, but doesn't meet the arbitrary limits of what counts as an assault rifle, which were established by legislators who were accepting millions of dollars from weapons manufacterers with a vested interested in wanting to sell more and more guns, to justify more people needing guns in order to "feel safe".

  7. I'm not arguing that the weapon is not deadly. Or that legislation is in the pocket of manufacturers. But I am arguing that assault as a definer is going to turn some people away from listening to any argument for positive gun legislation because they might believe that you don't know what you are talking about

  8. I want to start this next comment, by first thanking you for having this conversation with me. It clarifies some things, and is helping me learn more about the arguments surrounding the guns rights issue.

  9. Oh I absolutely agree and see your point. But the reality is those moderate people on the argument need 100% clean arguments against the wild west of guns we currently have. The radicles that say you are not defining it correctly are not the ones that will change their mind. I constantly have to argue gun control to family and the only way I can get through to them is to begin the argument with yes I understand how the two rifles are not the same before I can explain how they are the same... It's a tired argument and it lacks genuine discorse, but it is a real discussion happening

  10. Since most of the down stream oil products are shipped by railway I think your theory is off just a little bit.

  11. I'm not wrong but the rail line with oil on it can't move anything else till the line is clear.

  12. I didn’t say oil (reading is fundamental). I said downstream products.

  13. Thank you all for your advice! If I used the Taco ecm pumps, would that allow you to avoid having a secondary loop? Would just having a secondary loop regardless be best anyway? As far as the flow checks, was using those as a back flow preventer on the supplies. Salesperson sold a gas WH to replace an electric that they had...

  14. I personally don't believe that primary secondary are important if the radiator design is not high efficiency. Boilers in your configuration last 30 years. Just depends if it's cast iron radiators or standard copper rads it's fine

  15. I can't tell, but I'm assuming/ hoping this has a primary secondary loop. Otherwise when the one loop that doesn't get used much kicks on that cast heat exchanger is going to get quite the shock and possibly get condescension on the outside. Both would shorten its life span. Also not sure you need flow balancers when each zone has its own pump. Are they left over from before when it was a one pump system?

  16. I once caught my man jacking it to the WORST pic of me - no make up, eyes half closed, wearing his t shirt with my hair all Russell Brand.

  17. Yea I would call other companies and see if they will offer more for a starting apprentice. It will be the same work and hours don't fret over moving away from a company it's buisness just leave politely

  18. Bad switch? Dimmer switch? Shit wiring? Shitty neutral? We need way more info.

  19. Completely disconnect the switch, alternately replace with a basic switch interrupting the same set of leads and see what happens to help diagnose where the issue is. "With smarter technology comes more complex and perplexing problems"

  20. just test fitting right now. will paint then reinstall them

  21. Yea I know from experience that getting those put back without damaging can be hard

  22. I would like to give her a little credit and say that she may be on a first date, but if she is willing to hang out the window of a car that is burning donuts, she deserves what she gets.

  23. I literally told them "turn your thermostat off for 10 seconds then turn it back on." They said sure no problem. Five minutes later still off.

  24. Well.... You should have told them to tell Alexa to set a30 second timer

  25. Either port will work... If moving it fixed it then one port died... Or you will be called again in a week.

  26. I mean OP. Idk if its still the same system it was back when I worked there. My old boss would just go to the local library and log on to different computers and fill out surveys for the store/ themselves. He never got in trouble soooo

  27. Thanks for this advice. Yeah, we own 20 acres that we have goats and chickens on right now. Was hoping to farm vegetables and chickens I think we have enough land for that. But we don't have a bunch of equipment and I'm sure that adds up fast.

  28. 20 acres?! That's plenty to start a small high price crop farm. I would get a tractor to lay some raised beds and you are on your way

  29. They probably will not qualify for the USDA beginner farmer program, you need 3 years of primary farm management experience or a 4 year college degree plus 2 years of experience. The hoops we had to jump through to qualify are crazy compared to my (old) mortgage. If the USDA ran student loans we wouldn’t have a student loan crisis.

  30. No matter how many pills I took or drinks I drank, still wouldn't yell "Race War!" at people.

  31. I once drank an entire bottle of Robitussin and I thought I was Genghis Khan, but as John Wayne... So I understand..

  32. How does someone like this with regular clothes, their little suitcase for traveling, make it all the way to boarding and just have a racist meltdown? Are they sleeper agents being triggered? I’m confused. Lol

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