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  1. I have a pair of Beats Studio Wireless that released in 2013, i just ordered replacement foam cups it’s still going strong. In between that i bought some beats solo 2 wireless that lasted me just 1 year.

  2. He loves scoring against former teams. Just ask Dortmund

  3. I hated breaking bad/better call Saul for that, I’m a native Spanish speaker so i put the subtitle’s in spanish, i had to change them to English because in the spanish parts they put nothing, their spanish is really bad(besides lalo’s) i couldn’t get a thing they were saying IN MY LANGUAGE.

  4. We did more or less the same in the end of the 2000’s. Berlusconi started buying aging stars on huge salaries and it eventually caught up to us.

  5. Ah yes i remember AC Milan as the retirement house.

  6. I mean at this point his brain has already sent the signal to his leg to go for the ball again

  7. They can’t grasp that when you made a fast move it’s almost impossible to stop said movement.

  8. sweet I just got a steam deck and my niece has a nintendo switch lol about to get all her games on my pc

  9. That would be illegal tho, since the games aren’t yours.

  10. This is true but our household is pretty egalitarian when it comes to games. I let her play my PlayStation, she lets me relive the pokemon glory days on her switch. It's a win win for us, fuck the police

  11. Ah do as you wish, if you want to pirate that’s ok for me lol, i was just looking in to it with a “technical” pov.

  12. Makes sense as to why the quality of these has gone downhill because ferrero chocolates are absolutely nasty

  13. This aint wholesome but tbf Haaland is really turning the PL in to a farmers league.

  14. You should totally add an axolotl as a pixel pal.

  15. I wouldn't do it for airpods as it's a commonly stolen item.so Amazon watches extra carefully for airpods

  16. I returned a pair of fake airpods pro and kept the real ones, they didn’t said a thing.

  17. That's unreal. I had a pretty ill feeling about those Chromebooks from the beginning, so I always steered clear.

  18. Tbf there’s nothing close to an iPad, i feel like that’s the only division where apple undoubtedly rules.

  19. “Honestly, *insert name of middle of their career album* by *rock band that peaked in popularity in the early to mid 90s* is absolute perfection. So underrated.” Despite the album hitting the top 10 on release in several countries, plus the band having a successful 20+ year touring career.

  20. Tbf a close opinion to that would be that all the albums pre The Dark Side of the moon are way better than TDSOTM and the follow ups albums on Pink Floyd discography.

  21. I'm American. He's definitely been disappointing in the last couple years. Seems like he stopped developing. That said, for us and our team, he is about as good as it gets. So maybe from a Chelsea or England perspective you think "ehhh", but for us, if every player was Pulisic's level, we'd be very happy with the team. He's still above average. So he's simultaneously a hero and disappointing, if that is possible.

  22. My adblocker still works on chrome, is this going to happen in the future..? Can I get a timeline? Constant memes about something that still hasn't happened that google just 'said' it would do.

  23. Can you use the new case with the old airpods?

  24. That sync is the thing that keeps me on spotify.

  25. Hahaha tbf im too used to that that i find stupid that no other music app has implemented it yet.

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