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  1. I love you. I’m sorry if I offended you. I struggle sometimes and deserve your downvotes.

  2. First and foremost, thank you for your service and welcome home.

  3. Tell that to all the women who have PTSD from being sexually assaulted in-service

  4. The ones like my sister, a 23 year CW2 that filled for PTSD and got it without having to ask how to rig the system? Nah, I know what it takes. Not lies.

  5. You need to get a job Pog. You don’t get benefits for PTSD if you never saw combat.

  6. They ask that, because they know you are lying. You want that government nipple, ya pog.

  7. Respecting the anthem doesn’t matter

  8. 100 percent agree. I did drugs, had to get out of Kentucky. If I hadn’t, I’d have died by now like all the friends I left.

  9. Dude it’s Josh. The Bills have an aging defense and one elite receiver whom is turning 30. The second receiver seems incapable of sideline catches, and has the worst separation rate in the NFL. The days of the best secondary are at an end, and the super bowl window is closing. The Chiefs were arguably in a rebuild year this year and still made it. I think the Dolphins have a better chance at success than us tbh.

  10. Really? They're a moron for not knowing this? Instead of simply correcting them, you resort to name calling...says a lot more about you than it says about them.

  11. Bengals coach livid over conspiracy theory NFL wants him to succeed. To be followed by conspiracy theorist Ja Qhase.

  12. In the game the hivemind concept doesn't exist like in the show. I personally don't think that's what the infected was getting at here but since we are still early and the show has made some deviations we don't quite know yet if that's the case. In my opinion I think it was just eyeing ellie and just watching her move

  13. I get that. Thank you, I’ve never played the game so I’m brand new here. Just, please watch it one more time. I swear, even if you don’t get the “kill me” thing, I see a head nod. Maybe I am reading too deep, but I do that with shows. I mean I thought Frank was going to kill Bill and I sure was wrong there.

  14. Thank you for your input. I accept no as your answer for all the questions I had, as vague as they are, mr 75k karma in three years that answered in two minutes and is obviously camping for karma.

  15. I didn't know that part but still , I understand but it's too much

  16. Y’all, please just look at this man’s comment history. He is seriously fighting his closet homosexuality. Give him a break he might figure it out before he shoots some immigrants or commits some other hate crime.

  17. Damn main characters interuppting no one's commute and dancing in an empty subway car...

  18. If they did this with zero practice, I’d be even less impressed. You just get the boys together to dance on subway cars randomly on a Tuesday?

  19. I was first thinking “fuck another staged prank on tiktok” but I was happily surprised with this gem. This is dude stuff.

  20. This is the only comment I’ve cared to chime in on. Mostly I agree with you, staged videos for Internet clout is not what guys being dudes do. It’s what whores do to feel better about themselves. This, however, seems to be a parody of the recent “prank” or “randomly dancing” together tiktoks. I know you’ve seen the one with the guy leaving the store and starts dancing with the “random” dude trying to leave. That’s staged trying to look real and it’s annoying as fuck, I can’t believe anyone finds that entertaining at all.

  21. I’m sorry, but I don’t want a prostitute on my kids school board. I’m not judging sex work, it just seems immoral for them to have influence over children.

  22. Just stop! That doesn’t fit the Bengals narrative! The NFL is clearly rigged and the Chiefs were forced to win, the Bengals didn’t lose!

  23. Didn't the Bengals have a whistle that no one heard or something that ended up giving them a TD against the Raiders in the playoffs last year?

  24. Hey, you shut your mouth! That doesn’t fit the “NFL is rigged against us” narrative!

  25. Good thing I’m too poor to be a clown, and poor enough for you to downvote me. Thanks.

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