A full episode of Star Wars: Detours has leaked; entitled "Dog Day Afternoon"

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  1. This happend to me with a super hyperion, that made me actually buy him

  2. Gotta love they gave daichi's launcher a gun sound

  3. Galaxy and samurai pegasus are the best design in mfb

  4. And even comes with a good launcher

  5. I 100% believe fake beys have lead but i wanna know how bad it is

  6. I wanna see what they do with that driger v2 ramp

  7. Damn bro did you get hungry and take a bite out of your stadium holy fuck

  8. This what happens when you go hard with vice leopard

  9. Even the takara version the red is much lighter

  10. This is the first time seeing a pre hybrid random booster

  11. Oooo these things are getting closer and closer to g revolution

  12. Well rebels hondo is suppose to be a washed up crusty ass pirate, so it fits he loses his drip

  13. I did, yes. Another Redditor sent me a google drive link. 👍

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