Wild West DLC Armor + Weapon skin Idea

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  1. Also made a little optimization table

  2. Add an additional 475 if you want to keep one and subsume one.

  3. Good point, gonna add it to mine

  4. Call it “Arithmetallic” and we’re sold

  5. Than I demand Logariftic and Mathematerial aswell

  6. Feels weird to be playing so long frames that didn't exist when you started are getting primed now.

  7. Also half-infested Lumicor, fully infested Lumicyst, and most importantly, Opticor Prime

  8. Yes. This. Fund it. I don't know how it would work but I want it.

  9. A Loop between rival mining/pumping site and space elevator would work

  10. Khora. Yeah her 1 can deal massive damage, but constantly pressing 1 and maybe occasionally pressing 4 is just not for me. To me she's kinda like octavia.

  11. Same with Nidus. Not really a fan if carpal shenanigans

  12. Are you not using his 3&4 or are you just not keen on the 2,1,1,1,1,1,... that follows the setup?

  13. The 1,(1), I tend to use it at bare minimum, as most missions end quickly anyway.

  14. Knux Prime. Checks out. DE would be reluctant though... Checks out even better!

  15. You can't get any if you're playing a mission with a Lithophage Outbreak warning. They can only spawn on missions without lithophage already.

  16. And Management makes it sure that you go to outbreaks constantly, through assignments or season dailies

  17. You just keep on mining till you dig out of cake

  18. The best kind of engineered

  19. I myself also like my Kahl stealthy. Add green energy color for maximum Fisher-approved invisibility

  20. A gun you need to stop moving to fire? That's just Bullet Hell Minigun

  21. Is it? My bad. Anyway, the greener the better

  22. I wouldn't call it "Necra" though

  23. I wonder what does gunners pointer tell...

  24. I gonna punch the guy in R&D who programmed pointer. I almost couldn't tell it says "Greenbeard"!

  25. Mission control fucking snapped, he’s gonna come down here and hunt us down

  26. Bro what do you mean people voted for fucking "Fengarou", it's like calling Styanax "Leonispartan".

  27. Leonispartan skin/helmet for Styanax when?

  28. Wait till Blue Girl sees this

  29. I absolutely say yes, I want the Skana to be Excalibur's.

  30. It is. I fact, all single swords and nikanas are Excal's signatures

  31. Attention miners, Shad's inbound!

  32. It’s the 4080 IT. While TI denotes an upgrade, the IT is a lower tier version of a card

  33. 4080 Lite, 4080i, 4080 Youth Edition

  34. This one DOES have active cooling

  35. 'Tossers'? That's just 'leaflovers' with 6 mistakes in it

  36. Why even heaven when you can Hoxxes?

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