1. Thats great! If thats the case then I would encourage you to find either a school close to your church and opt for a non-ministry degree till seminary or find a church at a college where you can be poured into while getting a non-ministry degree before seminary

  2. Ok thanks. I didn’t even realize I could apply to seminary with a regular non theological degree

  3. Some fundamentalist Christians may tell you "no" but I assume most Christians believe in consent, regardless of gender.

  4. How could one even argue no? I am confused on what the point that could be made would be.

  5. I mean. I do barter here in the states- not at major markets but at like pawn shops and thrift stores

  6. Thrift stores? Really? To whom? The cashier can’t control the price.

  7. Wrong word I guess. Stores/shops that are set up with multiple vendors that sell stuff. The one in my town is called a thrift store- but what I just described. The cashiers are the owners of the stuff

  8. Ended up being a low potential AHL bottom 6 but drafted him for the hell of it since I had drafted everyone I wanted

  9. We can't keep letting that bunch of jerks survive

  10. Are you saying "this is sad; many Americans think this is nonsense", or are you saying "it's sad so many Americans think this is nonsense"?

  11. I honestly don’t think it’s that hard to figure out. I am saying it’s nonsense that people believe it

  12. Technically your working a job so you need money the more hours the work the more money you make and you work 40 hours and you get overtime so that’s your fault I work as much as I can I’m currently working 40 a week but now if you ever need the hours they won’t give them to you cause of what you did in the past everything you reflects what happens in your future

  13. This is terrible advice in my opinion. It’s McDonald’s. You may be in a situation where you need to work, op clearly isn’t. If they won’t give you more hours because you want a break is ridiculous and childish. It’s very easy to leave and just get another min wage job.

  14. That major was an awful call- say that as an American. It looked like it hurt. But like….I don’t it was worth 5

  15. A pain to not be able to watch this in the UK.

  16. A Habs fan thinking a GWG for the States favourite memory? 🤔

  17. Yea so I am an American. Pro Canada most of the time when it comes to hockey. Just remember my dad being so happy when it happened

  18. My favourite memory of the Juniors isn’t an exact moment, but instead Jordan Tootoo. I was 13 when he went played on the junior team and I remember he would go around hitting everything. It was amazing to watch and he was a guy who wanted to show the world who he was and what he was there to do.

  19. You should respect their wishes if you truly are there friend.

  20. Hard disagree. Even if you hold to the view that Christianity is not true- you must realize how OP isn’t hurting anyone by praying to the Lord for a friend in private.

  21. That’s scary. Title a bit misleading. Either way for a mainline denomination to cease to exist in less then 20 years is scary.

  22. You tried it and failed. Now you no longer have the military might to try again.

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