1. Of course, but most people are dealing with that as well. I doubt stupid management is unique to sysadmin jobs

  2. IT is in a somewhat unique position as there is no obvious need for it when everything works. But we’re all in the wheelhouse when it doesn’t.

  3. Your mouse is appearing as a storage drive that has an executable running off of it? That's definitely not standard, that would be suspicious.

  4. The first I am hearing if something like this from a mouse.

  5. For novices I’d say just get onedrive with enough storage and call it a day. New windows installs want a Microsoft account anyways, so once it’s synced with onedrive you can change computers to your hearts desire.

  6. I got a 4x2 just because I don't offroad and since I got an older model (14 Lariat) I dont want extra parts that will eventually break.

  7. I don’t off-road, but I haul my boat to the ramp and when the back wheels are wet, having the fronts driven too is worth a lot.

  8. I'm not a native speaker so I can't really say for sure, but what i can say is that I'm pretty sure I never once heard anyone say "Ich bin hungrig," in any context, in my 7 years in Germany. But it could be different in other regions or in more formal/literary contexts that I wasn't exposed to as much.

  9. Have you changed the zigbee channel. Currently can be done in the IDE, not the app.

  10. I just switched a bit ago. But I also bought a power plug that acts as a router and will put that centrally in the house. Also got a zigbee usb adapter coming that I’ll migrate too.

  11. Yes. I just posted about it. All my zigbee devices our and then go offline. Zwave is fine.

  12. sorry it was like 2 am when I wrote that and i was grumpy as fuck

  13. That little 1800/2300 Ryobi saved my butt after Ian and ran straight through a whole week without major issues. It only stopped for refueling. I had some issues with the carburetor, but after cleaning that up it went away and it was the quieted gennie in the street.

  14. This is my senior cat Luna! She is a European shorthair and we lovingly refer to her as “minecraft mesa biome colored” since she has yellow, red, orange and grey fur. She is a European shorthair, I am just curious what pattern she has, I hope this is allowed!

  15. It’s a better question than most and doesn’t require an immediate vet visit like most. So you are winning already.

  16. Didn’t you recently post with your fan overkill?

  17. There was a post recently with a system that had way too many fans like yours.

  18. No you cant stop being so full of shit. Here is how votes go down.

  19. You obviously have some major anger issues that you’re for some reason throwing at me but you obviously do not realize that next-door is a national app with lots of different neighborhoods with lots of individual scenarios so I don’t know where the fuck you get off thinking you can just explain my situation to me.

  20. Ikr so much cringe and it ruins peoples attention spans. The only thing i’ll miss from it is all the memes

  21. You know, it’s algorithm is based on stuff you watch and like. If you only see cringe on it, you might watch it too much. I see funny videos, stories about animal rescues and much more interesting content.

  22. „Viertel eins“, „dreiviertel eins“ etc benutzt man aber im hochdeutschen nicht

  23. Aber spricht dieses Drittel Hochdeutsch? Darum gehts doch.

  24. Weiss nicht warum du runter gestimmt wirst. Ich wüsste nicht mal ob viertel eins vor oder nach eins ist.

  25. Yes chatgpt should basically end all of these posts asking for fairly simple help. OP could just ask chat gpt and get this solved in no time.

  26. I haven’t tried this script, but with good described requirements chatgpt usually gives pretty good code that requires little adjustments.

  27. Only that this code is far from being good.

  28. Except one shore excursion and celebrities non-reactions to the fuck up it was great.

  29. We've had two black blanco sinks for 5 years now, no regrets. You can clean them with a scrubby sponge or magic eraser and they look like new. The manual says you can use acetone to bring back the finish as well, but I haven't had a need to go that far yet.

  30. I had a Blue Blanco composite one and with the hard water in Germany, it started to get dull after a couple of years. It looked awesome though until then.

  31. Also für mich sieht das nach "Nur Waschen, wenn die Sonne im Meer versinkt" aus.

  32. They're just selling trash to online shopping addicts. Everything on there is destined for the landfill in a week

  33. Akshually, it’s better than wish. Which doesn’t say much, but it’s decent.

  34. They are actually pretty decent as a backup pair.

  35. I’m not close to my intune RN, is it an option to filter for devices with battery?

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