1. I feel like I’ve seen Twitter threads where authors encourage readers to go to libraries too! Frankly, I can’t afford to buy the amount of books I read & I don’t want to trip over them around the house! (And getting that “the book you placed on hold is here!” email from the library is the best.)

  2. She is a strange both/and for me. Like

  3. Close it to cars forever! The paths are packed every weekend with people— walkers, runners training for the marathon, bikers — and you look over at a freaking highway. Would be awesome to have a streetcar or light rail on it & then bikes only!

  4. I am so sorry. This has happened multiple times in my city this year and the common response seems to be “wow!” followed by shrug.

  5. There’s another factor that plays in, too, which is that a lot of people are able to run faster when they tell themselves they are NOT going for a PR. I set my 15k PR super hungover, and a friend who was a sports psychologist said that she wasn’t surprised since when I had absolutely zero expectations, I had no pressure on myself and was able to just let myself run fast. That said, I think the “not training” is completely disingenuous when what you mean is “I’m training hard but not specifically for this as a goal race.”

  6. Wait is this a real thing?? Because my half PR was kind of a surprise! (I was going for a PR but this was significantly faster)

  7. Her narrative about “first vacation” and “missed two summers” is making me so irrationally angry. I shouldn’t get so worked up about strangers on the internet. But she embodies, for me, all of the parents that make my life hell as an elementary school teacher. This last school year, any time something had to be canceled, changed, or just was slightly disappointing, there is a group of parents who would cry and complain about how “but the kids have already missed so much!” I’ve felt like everything had to be THE MOST FUN and beyond perfect for the poor poor sad children who had been deprived of joy for two years. During the scariest times of the pandemic, I had hoped that we, as a society, would realize that we can get by with less and still make memories and have fun. But, no. Lots of parents have gone in the direction of Meg and looked at the pandemic as a two year period of depression and now think the only way to have fun is by being over the top. It’s beyond frustrating for me.

  8. Ughh fellow teacher and have so many similar feelings. And EXTRA feelings about the parents who yelled the loudest about schools being closed and then were extremely inconsistent with their kids’ attendance. (“It’s your in-person day— why aren’t you here?” “It’s raining and my parents said I could stay home and attend online.” 😡)

  9. I can not tell you how many kids of “open the schools!” parents missed school this past year due to vacations. I wanted to write in their independent study forms, “but I thought school was the most important thing ever?” I also have little tiny children like Meg, and I believe if you asked them, they would barely even remember there was a pandemic at this point. My oldest would say he didn’t like online school, but that’s been done for over a year now. There were little disappointments here and there (no birthday party, no trick-or-treating) but because we have a lot of privileges we were able to make it work, and have moved on now. I love your anecdote about having a washing machine! That was exactly how I felt about our backyard. We have friends that at the time lived in a big city high rise that described the feeling of being trapped, and I was so grateful that we could just open our back door and my kids could run and breathe fresh air. I don’t remember one time Meg ever expressing any sort of gratitude like that. The narrative has always been “poor me, poor kids, poor us”.

  10. The loudest people here formed “we care about schools!” groups that immediately disbanded after the doors were open (no concern for the schools all over the city being properly staffed and funded, just the doors open to their own kids schools). They rented out beach houses in Florida and their kids learned remotely from the beach! 😳 and a lot of them now only want jobs where they work remotely (I know business is different from school but ughh). Anyway if started getting in my head so much that I quit Facebook (which is a good thing anyway!) because I was internalizing all of the nasty things people said about teachers AND getting so mad that in a super-diverse city people could not for a second see that their neighbors were dealing with much worse things… anyway solidarity. Hearing your experiences makes me feel less alone. I appreciate you 🥰

  11. Does anyone follow Caroline Dooner? She wrote the Fuck It Diet, which was great for helping me work through my ED but yesterday I checked her stories for the first time ever and it was anti-vax/anti-science central. So disappointing!

  12. I unfollowed awhile ago… and have unsubscribed from her emails about 5x but every once in awhile a new one sneaks through 😑 love the F-it diet mentality but found her kind of annoying on insta…

  13. Was so awesome to treasure hunt with you! Thanks for coming by! :)

  14. So much fun! It’s like a hike/treasure hunt :) nice work.

  15. I can help you!! I knew I’d seen this bottle before when I grabbed it out of the river today!!

  16. Thank you so much! Finally the riddle is solved :)

  17. Opening just more riddles. What was quizz 😂 and who was drinking it? 🙃

  18. There’s a really cool Baltimore digger on Instagram — Salvagearc — and he has a story about how he finds spots!! Have fun! 🥰

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