1. What build were you using? It seemed to be pretty op and quite fun

  2. It's a bleed build with bandit curved swords. Been nerfed pretty hard recently.

  3. What armor were you using, I think we had the same chestpiece, but I have never seen that helmet

  4. I'm using the Bandit's set with the Greathelm. You can get that from the merchant near southern aeonia swamp bank in Caelid.

  5. +karma GG, friend! Let's hope that doggo is sated.

  6. Wait do I need to summon you or are you summoning us??

  7. I’m there now. Can I summon both of you??

  8. You were awesome, thanks a lot for your help!

  9. 1234, waiting on the stairs which is right front of mist

  10. letsago0 is the password. What's your username?

  11. My sign is down at the fog gate, IGN Sunbro Chez

  12. You can't summon for evergaols unfortunately

  13. Checked, and reset all of those to make sure it was active.

  14. As always chez it's a pleasure to see you work

  15. Likewise, friend! Thanks for avenging me :)

  16. Thanks bud, do I need to do anything first time with ps5 coming from Xbox.

  17. Here's some general info, nothing different from Xbox afaik.

  18. Welp, what's done is done. If your summon isn't rushing in and gesturing, take it as a sign to check the post next time. :)

  19. My sign is down at the fog gate, IGN Sunbro Chez

  20. My sign is down at the stake of Marika, IGN Sunbro Chez

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