1. I apologize for the confusion here, i just noted you said you has a Sony TV in your post so i added confusion with samsung Tv limitations...

  2. Return policy is non existent here, You are only eligible for a return if: product incorrect, damaged or deflect.

  3. Brought it home, apparently my version have chromecast too, even rtings stated there's none...

  4. Go for the X90K its the better value. The X85K is only worth in 43inch as a competitive gaming TV because of its fantastic reaction time in that size.

  5. I didn't know that they had different panel, I think I'll go for X90K, thanks for the information!

  6. 90K for gaming or movies and much more features and better viewing quality.

  7. Lawbringer hero skin should have no armor to match his actual gameplay

  8. LB probably the most satisfying hero for parry enjoyer, and I love parry.

  9. One way I like to do it is switch target to said external guy and side block the previous locked on target. Eating unblockable that outweigh the attempts to parry it, commit on the external guy and hope you gain revenge and stall till your teammate come.

  10. Hey, it's Horkos Sunderer 3, from Y5S1 battle pass

  11. I did, but he was feeding revenge real fast and I stopped

  12. To cut queue time and make people thinks that the game is populated.

  13. Even jorm can anti gank in this situation given enemy gank like that... Good job on blocking tho

  14. This is an example of crushing counter Done wrong. You can do it from any direction and you just wait for your opponent to make any heavy. Warden is an example of crushing counter done right

  15. Heavy feint and get free light parry, many people fall for it. Double-edged sword imo

  16. Good luck convincing people on this sub that LB needs rework.

  17. Sure are alotta folks in here complaining but not providing any clips

  18. You think there wasn't enough clips of people hacking? Really?

  19. Any quest that makes people want to "cheese it" , or feel the need to do so itself, is a failure.

  20. So you're afraid of fighting group in your size, but complains when you get outsmarted by solo player? What a clown.

  21. You didn't just ash your own spell. Did you? Or was it intended to draw two cards?

  22. Intended to draw 2 cards, spammed all these links in the beginning for it

  23. I feel like I've dueled Chester before 🤔

  24. Are you in Asia server? Your name kind of familiar too

  25. Usually the Best Timing to Nib is if they make two Level 4s and Rhongo first, you can Nib Rhongo. However every decent Player makes Bamboozle first. He is a Monster kinda negate. If they summon 3 Level 3s then you need to Nib that before they make Bamboozle since then they could negate and still make 5 Material Rhongo. Dont Nib too quickly, especially Not Rusty only, since they could just resummon him with a trap in the GY.

  26. Yeah, I turned off toggle after using ash, but not sure when I should nibiru him just now. Seems like nibiru when 3x 3* on field will be the best

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