1. The NACET and mushrooms may be contributing to the histamine issues, as they cause problems with some of us. Can you test out taking one out and then the other to see if it’s contributing now that you’re more reactive than before?

  2. My mcas specialist said I absolutely need to be on NAC. But I couldn’t find it so In a pinch I did NACET. I’ve been on the mushroom complex for over a year and haven’t had issues but you know how mcas goes. Fine w it one day and not the next. I’ve been really craving sugar and I know that’s making my headaches worse. Also I have a strong correlation with my menstrual cycle and symptoms. Thank you for your suggestions! I will look into those!

  3. It really varies - mine said that most patients couldn’t tolerate it. Would be great if mast cell docs had more standardized treatment protocols, no? It’s common to have worse symptoms near your period, yes. I find I need extra support then too.

  4. Ron saying „i‘m not impressed with casey‘s reaction“ really struck me. When Lana and casey were getting to know each other, Ron put on this whole romcom show with his one-liners like „you‘ve got a good one“. Casey being in the same situation just saying he feels mugged off and disrespected rubs Ron the wrong way because he doesn’t understand genuine emotional responses. Big narcissist energy

  5. 100%. It’s hard to watch Lana drift back to Ron knowing he will likely undermine her self-worth again sometime soon. Wish she could see it, but anyone who has dated a charming narcissist knows they’re excellent at stringing people pleasers along.

  6. 1 or 4 look the best imo - but you'll look great in anything!

  7. The venue is an 1800’s mansion in the Catskills. It’s very vintage and the entire wedding will take place in the mansion’s meadow (trees, greenery, very natural setting). I welcome all honesty - thank you!

  8. With this added info I think 1! It looks classic and beautiful, and can be accessorized to match the vintage feel of the venue and your wedding themes with jewelry and (depending on the season) a stole or shrug.

  9. Mast cells have receptors for both on them, which is why a full histamine blockade means both H1 and H1 blockers, taken at the same time every twelve hours. So you’d potentially be best with both.

  10. Contrast dyes are a common trigger, yes. That happened to me and it was awful. Kept me up all night and all day. I felt like I was on fire. I had no idea about MCAS yet.

  11. I'm happy that I'm not alone (feeling like i was going crazy and my doctors had no idea what I was talking about) but sorry that you too have had to experience it.

  12. It’s the way your body handles the extreme levels of mast cell mediators dumped into your bloodstream. People have different mediator levels even within this condition, and their bodies react differently. With histamine, PGD2, neutral proteases, some cytokines (like TNF-alpha), had many more dumped by mast cells when they degranulate, there’s a wide range of systemic results. The mediators are responsible for the neuro inflammation and the many of the symptoms of mast cell-mediated allergic reactions, including edema, bronchoconstriction, and increased vascular permeability.

  13. Yaaay! You’re back. Off to watch the rest in this series as this was the first one I caught.

  14. Sadly think it’s going to be Ron, though I really wish it would be Casey

  15. NTA! The bride sounds difficult to begin with if she wasn’t ok with you wearing a formal pantsuit, but also: if she didn’t know it was a romper until you fell, what’s the difference?

  16. Worst actress award goes to ...🥁🥁🥁... Jessie!

  17. Def makes me continue to believe she’s legitimately into Will given how bad she was at acting haha

  18. 4 and 6 are my favourites, but they all look great. Which were your two faves?

  19. I was only mildly annoyed the first time it happened, and it didn’t happen SO often, so I just rolled my eyes and laughed a little and agreed. But over the repeated times, I just kept letting it slide. My mistake though, cause now I never want to give head ever again for the rest of my life

  20. I have been there. You may feel differently once you throw the whole man out (I did), or you may not. But what matters here is that you absolutely deserve better than the toxic cloud he’s wrapped you in.

  21. As someone else said, montelukast / Singulair isn’t an H1 blocker or an antihistamine.

  22. My family/friends keep saying dress 2 but need an outside opinion now.

  23. What do you prefer? I think 1 looks wonderful and prefer it more than 2, but they both look great. Either way, you can’t go wrong. So pick what YOU would most want to look back on fondly when you pick up your wedding photos.

  24. I still want Spencer and Lana. He was chiming in against Ron

  25. Tanya and shaq saying I love you so soon has so many ways to bite them in the back. Being loyal at casa isn’t a big achievement, being the tiniest bit disloyal will be hated. A flirty conversation while your in love? Saying your open the tiniest bit? They’ve not got much higher they can go which hurts momentum towards the end. When you’re at the top it’s so easy to fall

  26. Of the two of them, I’d think Tanya would be the one who potentially wavers. Hope not though — love them together.

  27. Yes! I think they’d be a good match — would be nice to see their chemistry, and honestly he seems like a much more caring guy.

  28. Yes, I get that this specific course is what's driving the article and the commentary from the interviewess. It just seemed like from your first post that you were commenting about professional development being somehow also a source of concern?

  29. Yep, correct. It wasn’t in question. Just this requirement is.

  30. So after my last post, I had mostly decided on dress #3. My family was pretty divided on it so I decided to try a few more. All three are beautiful and equally comfortable to wear and I want to know what you think!

  31. so.. I adore Dress 1 but it is almost twice the cost of Dress 2- I feel that I can definitely tell the difference in quality but maybe I have been fixating on this too long.

  32. I love three the best! 1 looks great too but if it’s a lot more costly and you like 3–go with 3. I find it just as flattering and elegant as 1, but I like the bodice more.

  33. i'll never get over how effortlessly pretty lana is

  34. So lovely! And sadly it doesn’t seem like she sees it.

  35. Dress 1 for sure. Colour looks good — it doesn’t wash you out in the least.

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