1. Corning, Ithaca, and Rochester would be worth checking out in NY.

  2. "Big g" god is really just a shorthand for that particular deity in Western cultures. Language habits and conventions are more difficult to break or intentionally change than most people tend to think. Mostly because language is, at its absolute core, a way to get other people to understand you.

  3. Talk to your managers about leave of absence/ transfer etc. (Even if you're not really interested.) You now have a couple professional references for a campus job if needed. The McTurnover has always been horrible, so you're not the only person that's going to be leaving in 3 months or less.

  4. Rather than trying to build over it, would you be able to remove the window ledge and replace it with one that would extend further into the room? or is the curve built into the wall?

  5. that would be cool, but unfortunately the whole thing is solid brick/stone, and built in to the wall :(

  6. You could still build a bookshelf type unit that sits in front of the existing brick/stone. Which would serve as support legs as you place a new ledge, the question there is how to transition between the new and the old as you get closer to the window side. the window side would then be the support on the other end.

  7. If you're under an nda, yes you could be in trouble. They generally don't include pay/benefits though.

  8. Don't memorize your lines as "you". Memorize your lines in character.

  9. Required military service would likely have the opposite effect. Knowing that they had a few million more soldiers, logistic support etc. Leaders would be incentived TO declare war, partially to give them something to do.

  10. I'd recommend against it. Carpet pad isn't as consistent as the click lock pad. Over time you could get some telegraphing through the bamboo.

  11. It's kind of like vampires. It might look dead, but the right amount of blood (or in this case water) and it pops right back to life.

  12. I see a lot of the corruption argument. Unfortunately, one you get above 70k/yr, the importance of money as a bribe starts to wane. Which means basic bribes no longer cut it, and you start dealing in quid pro quo favors (which are much more difficult to find, prove, and prosecute once they hit a level we would call corruption) BUT... if you add in an addendum which freezes all assets until the individual leaves office (for self, spouse, and kids) but allow additional expenses for professional travel, it would help expose any corruption.

  13. The videos I see on Youtube, they just apply primer, sand, primer, sand or undercoat sand undercoat sand. I never see them add any sealer before. would it be a difference in MDF?

  14. I could be totally off base here, but it sounds like you're just substituting MDF for solid wood. The short answer to "would it be a difference in MDF?" is yes. The long answer involves how much difference and of what type. See also "it depends".

  15. General rule if you can't go into a stud: If the cost of replacing whatever it is you're hanging up is less expensive than an anchor, then and only then don't bother with an anchor. (more specific rule allows exceptions for those angled picture naily thingies.)

  16. They're training you to be part of a freaky group of mind controlled spies. See, chlorophyll is actually every color but green. Once you start seeing it as green, they know they have you.

  17. Make sure it's allowed to completely cure and dry out from the pressure treatment before you treat it like "just wood".

  18. In the late 11th century a new fabric was being made for the extremely rich and decadent. Its smooth surface texture and dark underside gave it the nickname of "satan fabric". Due to a monks dyslexia it was written down as "satin fabrac". By the late 12th century nobody could remember what "fabrac" was, so it was dropped.

  19. Since the screws are pulling out of the ply, can you attach a piece of 2x4 to the ply? Then screw the lift to the 2x4? Longer screws and solid wood might be able to tolerate whatever wiggle there is better than the ply can.

  20. It depends on the policy. Carrying a weapon, probably not. Taking an extra bathroom break because you had the runs, probably.

  21. There are multiple ways, if they do it "in house" it could very well be that they just call who you write down. Any reference might tell them, and depending on what position in which industry tax information etc might be used.

  22. Deep on the fringes of the far side of the galaxy, a star was dying. The THX sound is a recording of its lovers anguished wails.

  23. It is one of the few things we know for certain about the Celts. "Bak" was their word for 6, and "hierz" was their word for seven. Thirteen was amusingly enough pronounced "dough zen". Which caused confusion when they went to order a dozen of something. Hence when you wanted thirteen of something you would order a "bak heirz Dough Zen".

  24. I am a fan of a matte poly. If it's going to get scuffed etc... Better to reapply poly than re-stain. And do the whole piece.

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