1. Not exactly what you're asking, but I saw a homebrew monster a while back. It was a revenant that each time you kill it, it gets stronger. How it would work is, each death gives you (the DM) points that you can spend on different traits. From more HP/AC to extra attacks, ASI, spellcasting, damage type/conditions resistances/immunities, legendary actions and resistances. You could build it up from a shitty zombie to a legendary undead, working sort of as a reoccurring villain.

  2. Mmm yes, double haste. Triple movement and two extra actions

  3. The one in the swamps. Fucker just didn't want to bite, must've spent half an hour throwing the bait out, moving a bit, throwing again, moving a bit, throwing again.

  4. My biggest complaint is the no plot. Nothing happens. Conflicts resolve in 2 seconds with no effort. There are 0 stakes on anything. No complicated cases, no real chance of losing a case, a problem presents itself and 3 seconds later they have a solution, and it works perfectly with no setbacks. There are kids cartoons have more plot than this.

  5. Sorry I see I made a typo, meant to say "Not gonna register"

  6. Real men don't do things because they are easy. And they don't look at life the way it is and ask why, they dream of the way things could be and ask why not.

  7. Why not? Because it would be way more expensive to beam energy from space to earth than the energy you're beaming.

  8. Really? You mean until they break. And their radioactive waste disposal is a real problem also. I thought building them in space and zapping the energy back down to earth made sense......and now I read China plans to do just that!

  9. Ah yes, zapping energy from space down to earth is really easy and absolutely not expensive

  10. Jesus, the essential adventuring kit has a pot, you always have a container available

  11. Don't they all contain waterskins or canteens too? Isn't the dwarf wearing a helmet? There were so many other open-container options before resorting to enemas.

  12. Yeah I guess you could argue that a single cantine in the middle of the desert isn't gonna be enough, but there were better options

  13. I sure hope not, would really suck to buy fried chicken and get some small ass bird instead.

  14. I think the point is a "Tell me a cool story involving a use of vicious mockery" like "I once killed a king by asking "Why you so fat" or something" honestly the one DM I have let me just change the name of the spell to Emotional Damage.

  15. See, I did say I might be being a dumbass and not understanding the question

  16. Let's see... We infiltrated a fortress taken by demons by strapping ourselves to a rock and launching it with a trebuchet, letting go of it and using feather fall at the right time to fall precisely where we needed to.

  17. Recently had a player say "why do you always have dragons in every campaign?" And I was like "homie it's the name of the game."

  18. In my world dragons are dead, well they're not, but everyone believes they are. And the final boss is going to be a dragon, in a dungeon

  19. Arrowheads. A druid and ranger in my party have used that combo on multiple occasions and it's very effective.

  20. It's a waste of a good spell if you ask me. You get to apply damage once with a single arrow.

  21. What level is this for? Cause it can range from good to ultra powerful depending on tier of play. For 1-5 level characters, with limited slots and not many 2nd or 3rd if at all, it's ultra powerful. For 17th level characters with access to 9th level spells, it's much less relevant, though it's still a lot of free spells. A sorcerer could benefit from this converting the free slots to sorcery points. Up to 16 extra sorcery points per day is pretty fucking good in any tier of play.

  22. You should look into Nicaraguan queso frito. It’s not stupid and fuck me is it delicious. Now I’m craving a fritanga

  23. Queso frito is not a giant cube of cheese my guy. Holy shit, it's the fucking size of the thing that's utterly ridiculous

  24. And that's not what I said either. I said a SLAB of fried cheese is stupid.

  25. HUGE branding error. I'm here because I couldn't understand what "Eat Freoh" meant. Branding 101 - don't let cleverness get in the way of your messaging. Verizon spent millions replacing their old red checkmark in the middle of their name because is looked like "Verion" when you got more than ten feet away from their signs. Lame.

  26. I mean they could've just put the supposed S without the circle and it would've been fine, but they screwed it up

  27. Proficiency with playing cards is just for... Playing with cards. It doesn't give you proficiency with card shaped weapons. Throwing a paper card is considerably different than throwing a metal square.

  28. Once per round at most. Which means only one attack that could apply it per round, but let's be serious, it's not feasible to assume you have one enemy leaving your reach every round

  29. Idk difference in opinion i guess. Id go sentinel before i went slasher.

  30. Well as already stated, slasher is a half feat. Of course it's gonna have less impact.

  31. Or a barbarian. Maxing str doesn't help cause you still need to rage. And natural armor is kinda shit cause you need dex, which if you're prioritizing your main stats, you're better off having half plate, at least until you're high level enough to have maxed con

  32. Man I wish this show was good, really. But besides the cringe and everything everyone is complaining about, nothing really happens. And it's not because the episodes are short, I've seen cartoons with more content. Things just get resolved instantly, there's no tension or conflict or anything. Problem appears, 5 mins later it's done. Did it take any effort from anyone? No.

  33. When you reach the end your piece become a queen? Not sure about the term, but you put another piece on top and now it can move unlimited squares instead of one.

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