1. Am I getting fucking old?? I legit saw this and was like “seems like only yesterday Deku learned how to use Full Cowling” 😭😭😭

  2. imma save this and come back to see the shitstorm of olight comments

  3. 😂😂. Chill I’m new to the entire gun world. I didn’t know until later

  4. nothing wrong with that, im fairly new myself, its just that (olight on gun) + (post on internet, especially reddit which is an elitist hivemind) = people are gonna clown on you because haha someone doesnt have *insert money for surefire/modlite etc* to spend on a weapon light

  5. This is waht i call equality. Not only for certain groups, Its for everyone

  6. its what a century in a damn coffin or chest does to a mf

  7. after getting yeeted into space he healed, gathered his thoughts, realised that brute force wont work on ben and took a more methodical method into taking him down

  8. both videos are pretty phenomenal imo

  9. jokes on you, i dont live in the us so i dont have to worry abt the atf

  10. maybe not the fn as much as i hate to say it

  11. Why would it be hard to balance?

  12. well the round irl was pretty much designed to rip through armor

  13. the deagle costing 7 points got a good laugh outta me

  14. if ~3 hours at friends houses counts as a lot then yeah i guess so kek

  15. Community Game They did a video on it with a link

  16. personally thought he looked like jaystation but this makes sence too

  17. i like to think kevin would post also about alien tech and weapons but mostly focus on car posts

  18. is it just me or does the rail look really skinny?

  19. That’s because it’s Zenitco’s sport rail not their more bulky quad rail - good eye.

  20. I wasn’t trying to say that no drums in 5.45 exist, because you’re certainly right that they do. I just meant that the Soviets/Russians never made or issued a 5.45 drum. They just gave their RPK gunners the 45 round banana mags.

  21. Railed dust cover will probably appear if you attach a grip or laser, pistol grip in the picture appears to be the same as the regular RPK (which also just uses the same pistol grip as the AKM). No folding stock is there, could have a folding stock if there's a cosmetic to buy (similar to how the AKM has the wire stock when the "chrome" skin is applied.

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