1. I'm actually pretty shocked this thing isn't faster. I just benched my 2021 5900HS/3060 here

  2. Wish granted.... Just installed it and ran it.

  3. Very interesting results, your physics score was quite a bit higher even with last gen cpu. Thanks for sharing very intriguing comparison

  4. The best performance that you will get out of the G14 is in Turbo mode. Manual mode is just a glorified cooling setting that will help decrease temperature but will not increase performance. I believe that it says at the top in armoury crate that cooler temps will not impact clock speed on the GPU. So at best you will match the performance of turbo mode but will never beat it. At this time there is no software that will enable an undervolt or clock speed adjustment so whatever your best score is in turbo mode is, is the best it will get.

  5. In addition to this drivers can only be downloaded through asus. Any attempt to download drivers from AMD directly will result in errors. This is probably my largest disappointment with this device.

  6. right, so you cant undervolt Ryzen mobile chips to due to AMD not allowing us to (HX chips should technically allow it but 99 percent of OEMS don't set it that way), but they did allow us to tweak with the wattage of our apu/cpu, so with amd apu tuning utility you can lower the wattage for your apu/cpu, for lower temps but lower performance depending on how low you set it, or you can raise it for more performance but higher temps depending on how low you can set it

  7. Thanks for the information, disappointing to hear that ryzen does not allow an undervolt. I have the 6900hs cpu and 6700s gpu

  8. On a related note, has anyone been able to do any undervolting (or any fine grain control in MSI Afterburner)? I can open the app and can use the FPS tracker and such, but I can't seem to move any of the sliders.

  9. I don’t believe you can use Msi afterburner to undervolt any laptop. Normally asus let’s you do an undervolt in the bios but you can’t seem to do this with an AMD chip. If you are struggling with temps follow this video tutorial to turn of cpu boost which is what’s turning your cpu into a fancy room heater

  10. Its an unknown. Ive mostly been happy with Amd updates for 6000 gpu in desktop. I think the uncertainty is Asus updating. Id only worry about new games for which a driver fix is needed, thats not all that common. Most are optimizations (Nvidia would argue differently cuz of their game ready updates), not critical. I ran Amd drivers a yr old on many new games and had no problems.

  11. Thanks for the information, that’s a bummer to hear. I do mostly use the laptop for games so it would be worrisome if asus does not optimize for that.

  12. He got nerfed hard in the latest patch. Think they actually overcorrected and outright massacred the entire challenge of the fight.

  13. Well your first problem is going after the tree sentinel underleveled

  14. I think the stutter and such will probably be at least attempted. However I don't think the underlying issue of this game just being generally poorly optimized will be fixed.

  15. I am in early game. Does performance improve (fps) as you continue the game or does it remain constant throughout? I’ve heard the DX12 platform can suck at the start

  16. 2070, 10 gen intel, 16 Gigs ram. I get 40% better performance running CP 77 than Elden Ring

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