1. But why?? They have NOTHING in common. This isn’t a “ship war” but Jesus Christ man.

  2. Well where is that one scene where Maeve has told Otis that she loves him? Exactly, there is none. And there won't be any.

  3. And this is the problem with shippers. Going directly to insults. Its no wonder the cast and crew absolutely HATE this side of the fanbase. And yes, that is NOT an exaggeration. That is fact.

  4. This has NOTHING to do with “shippers” I’m just pointing out how ridiculous you sound. You quoting Laurie Nunn like you know her personally. Do you not watch the show? Like they clearly aren’t having Otis and Maeve as THEEE end game couple from the very first episode of the show.

  5. The commumity made it into a ship-fight. I think that's nothing the creators wanted to do with bringing Otis and Ruby's relationship on screen.

  6. If you are correct then let me compare it to what my thoughts are.

  7. Maeve isn’t gone for half the season. Why even do that??? I’v said this many times, a long distance relationship would of made sense if Otis and Maeve got together really early (Episode 2) at least of Season 3. We see them in a relationship the entire season. BECAUSE WE ALREADY WOULD OF GOTTEN THE PAYOFF. Then if you want to send Maeve away for at least 2 episodes and have her come back at the end of the second episode then that’s fine.

  8. This is why… NO LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. NO MAEVE BEING IN AMERICA FOR more than an episode l. In fact… TIME JUMP! You really don’t have a lot of time.

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