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  1. IMO it doesn't prepare you for driving the car itself but it does give you a lot of situational experience which helps you make quicker decisions vs. Someone with no sim experience.

  2. I think it 100% does. A lot of things that happen in the sim teach you what not to do. Dipping the rpms too low inducing a spin' downshifting at the wrong point inducing spins. You can learn how to control all different sorts of things the car will throw at you. IRL though you can FEEL them way before you see them. So it's even better.

  3. You wanna know what is fucked? I was always the nerd with ear pro in, for even dumb shit like running a shop vac or using the old .22. caught a lot of shit for it too, but my dad went deaf in one ear so I was always careful.

  4. Nothing dumb about it. It's becoming more standard to see people wearing it all the time. Too many things we do are dangerously loud.

  5. If you wear tight underwear, you can slip anything in to your crotch.

  6. His speaking segments aren't ignorant IMO. But when he goes into his childish voice and rants on some side joke for entirely too long, it is. I honestly can't watch him. Nice guy but not for me.

  7. No. Hire actors. I'm tired of shoehorning non actors into roles. He's too old anyway.

  8. He’s only 23. Holland is 25 or 26 and he’s very passably 18 or so in No Way Home. I’m not disagreeing with “hire actors” but it’s not like being a musician doesn’t have crossover skills. Hell, Holland was a stage actor before doing film and TV. And some of the MCU’s best actors (in my opinion of course feel free to disagree) we’re wrestlers!

  9. Being a stage actor or a wrestler is at least acting. And I think Holland was definitely passable for even under 18 at that time.

  10. I didn't get that vibe at all and I've seen the series at least 3 times. Not even a huge fan of him either but didn't get that vibe.

  11. Baggy clothes in general. My bf wears super baggy clothes all the time. He wore a tight black dress shirt once for his job and damnnn did it look goooood.

  12. So. Baggy is bad. Oversized can be good. I'm fairly fashionable though and usually wear a lot of oversized long line tees with tighter pants. It's a very Asian look. That and most of the clothes I get are more of a Korean style anyway. But you can pull off oversized and it can look great. Just look at any k pop men. It's a thing.

  13. As a guy in the south I’ll say that in the summer wearing a beater while you’re working outside shouldn’t be held against us. It’s just too hot. With that said I don’t think it should be everyday fashion.

  14. Wear a tank top. Not a beater. It's looser. Not one man will ever look good in a beater. But honestly it's easier to sweat and stay cool wearing a normal tee with light colors. There's a reason all the landscaping guys wear long sleeves. Texan here.

  15. Ruins, I’ve never been to a show that starts @ 10. Even at The Factory and Deep Ellum Art Co.

  16. Rock stuff and electronic. Always 9:30 or later start time. Even at the factory. Deep ellum art Co is known to have some midnight starters as well

  17. Ah for rock I can definitely see that. I’m more of a indie/blues guy myself. Start times are usually 7/8.

  18. Yeah fair. It's why I stopped going to shows there. Don't live in Texas anymore but after being nearly mugged and all that nonsense, I stopped going. All my shows always got out at 2am.

  19. Lost World was a good book, but the movie was bad. In my ideal world they would have kept the same tone and style as the original movie for Lost World and left out the gymnastics fighting and Dino in the City stuff.

  20. I'm a mega jurassic park fan and I absolutely love Lost World. 3 is a nope for me but for anything past jp1, id you're watching for anything other than dinosaurs and watching people getting eaten, you've done it wrong.

  21. I have a fan made version that is the entire show lights and all on a stage.

  22. Thank God. I like him as a person but his childish voice during bits that would go on incredibly too long was just unbearable to watch.

  23. Not driving the series, but CoTA is one of my most hated tracks in all racing games, it's just such a frustrating track. Maybe others feel the same.

  24. I really don't know why. It's not a particularly difficult track.

  25. I mean 10-14th is that borderline between positive and negative IR gain in a full split, so there’s at least some stakes/reason to fight for it (which isn’t to justify the move, just the idea of racing hard for a mid-pack finish)

  26. Bruh what irating are you where 10th gets you points now. I can't go up at all unless I'm below 5th basically.

  27. As someone who loves racing games but cant afford a full wheel setup, the haptics on the triggers have changed the game for me and ill never go back to racing on regular controllers.

  28. This was me years ago but I'm telling you get a wheel. It will change everything.

  29. Ya know it's one of the most uncomfortable iver ever used IMO. It's great quality but the stick position really hurts my hands after a bit.

  30. Bro I agree with you 100%. But I actually have talked to people that want to ban guns.

  31. I can guarantee you that is not the majority of the country.

  32. Pretty sure he means govt/politicians aren’t doing anything about it. You can protest all you want but overdose deaths have continued to rise for the past half century.

  33. There's quite a bit going on with opioids politically right now which is honestly how most people end up turning to heroin these days. That's how my cousin did. Oxy is expensive and heroin is not.

  34. I so wanted to buy this but it was too much. I got the F-GT from Next Level Racing. It’s sturdy and pretty good for the value but that seat makes me wanna buy something on top due to that train seat leather material they used. Still, if you’re looking for alternatives check that out and put the rest into a better wheel base

  35. Mount Panorama. I don’t know why but I feel like I can get in such a nice flow there and the downhill section is so much fun then.

  36. You're insane. That downhill section is pants soiling craziness

  37. Is there a setting to blur the wallpaper like this or did you just make 2 versions?

  38. I don't even care about emote spammers tbh. If anything it makes me depressed for them rather than salty. Maybe I should mute come to think of it.

  39. I spam you go when I'm playing unranked. I'm here for quicker games not for hours.

  40. Look at Charlie standing over there with third degree burns on him, eating a motherfucking frank.


  42. Yes, easily avoidable for the BMW that had not completed the pass and instead chose to self-PIT maneuver.

  43. No incident is one way. This isn't iracing but if it was, both at fault and easily avoidable.

  44. The Q1 is just a better version of the GMMK Pro for <= the same price is the only summary you need.

  45. The keychron is actually more expensive with shipping. And not as good IMO

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