🎉 Congratulations 🥳 to Citadel For Posting A $94 Billion Dollar Loss in Q2!! Or -19.55% Of Their Total Holding Value! Well done, Mr. Griffin. 🩳r☠️

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  1. I bet they have scorpions there though so be careful

  2. We have a Hawaiian scorpion 🦂 small guys. Usually no bigger than my thumbnail. I harvest kiawe for my pits, find them all the time.

  3. My braindead ass thought that said "camel." I need more sleep. Looks delicious though!

  4. Hey, send me some camel, I’ll smoke it 🤙 I smoke camel toe all the time 😉

  5. Prime beef. Sumac cheese with noods. Red butter corn. Texas style brisket on a bed of rice. This is from a Foodtruck in Hawai’i.

  6. All Evo's are awd good sir! If you wanna get really silly you buy a 1gen Talon, eclipse or laser (TSi, GSX and RsT respectfully) and drop a Shep racing 6speed dogbox with a GT40 or bigger. Perhaps sequential twin so your tiny turbo can spool your big turbo.

  7. Sequential turbos are not needed with billet and the new variable vein turbos etc. you could also set up the computers to 2 step and load the turbo that way. For me it was a 72mm turbo, th400 with a 3800 stall in a MKIV Supra 😉 Built that baby in 3 years, everyday after a 10 hour shift. I’d like to get enough money and buy that car back.

  8. Get your money back for all your expenses. have her put up “half” and go from there.

  9. I have DRS'd 98% of my shares. No regrets.

  10. DRS 💯 with Edward Jones. My guys on speed dial. HODL over a year at $31/$18

  11. Flood tables, auto lights, 4-5 1000w hps, 4-5 portable ac units and 2 8” vortex exhaust fans

  12. That's true what if they placed an incentive for workers. More patched potholes, more pay. They should start bringing in independent contractors to fill them. Could be an idea, hmm.

  13. They should have early completion bonuses, in my opinion, and no bonuses otherwise.

  14. Cause I ain’t lost till I sell. Besides CDC is growing and is top5 apps atm, I believe. They own buildings (old LA staples center), they have aligned with UFC and other major fight/sports organizations. I see their ads on places like YouTube. Lastly, in my state the exchange needs to have money backing the crypto, dollar for dollar. There are only 4 other apps we can use, and they all suck too.

  15. Stop trimming for a few weeks/months and train your hair to grow in a direction. Post back

  16. My family were given their Hawaiian names from aunties/elders who dreamed the name/vision. Yes they are of Hawaiian blood.

  17. Don’t look at porn on your machines that have crypto or bank info. It’s known that pay sites and free sites load keyloggers on your system there. They also sell your information to hackers. That’s how they keep the service running. Don’t click on links inside emails from anyone/company you don’t deal with normally. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  18. I do this. Catch the drippings from brisket, everything really. I keep the fat and add it to beans, or other dishes for additional umami

  19. Sprinkle MSG on it and try again. Should make “meh” tasting fruit better.

  20. So that’s why they made it take 2-4 years for you to pull your money out of their hands.

  21. I’m part of the comma gang. HODL for my future and that if my family.

  22. I prefer the way these look over the ones we get from Sam’s club. Recipe? Did you make buns out of this? I’m looking for a soft pretzel bun. Your marbled stuff looks awesome

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