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  1. I prefer the way these look over the ones we get from Sam’s club. Recipe? Did you make buns out of this? I’m looking for a soft pretzel bun. Your marbled stuff looks awesome

  2. Char siu, pronounced Cha-su. Is one of my favorite things to eat. Luckily a buddy of mines is a go to for this, his recipe is passed down from 2-3 generations. I must say, yours looks so good 🤤

  3. Go to Longs grab TRR with a TRR brush and follow the instructions, it will remove that stain. Post results back here, you’re welcome 😉

  4. I feel the amount of time you do not waste is what makes it for most people. Japanese Kaizen is a good start

  5. My townhome mortgage is $1900/mo in Kapolei. 3 bedroom 2.5 bathrooms, 1 car garage and a parking stall in front my home. A little more than your $1500, but doable.

  6. I work over 100 hours a week. I quit my corporate job in 2018 because I was tired of making money hand over fist for people that didn’t give a shit about me. My hands are burnt, stained, rough and tumble from my craft. You can see my posts on what I do with food for a living. From zero experience in 2019 when I got started, to helping my employees pay their bills and feed their kids in 2022. If Cramer thinks I’m some pathetic imbecile good, let him think that, he fails to properly know his competition like the tool he is. I’ve never blamed losses on Cramer, honestly, I don’t even listen to or watch his show. AMC/GME isn’t my ticket to financial freedom, getting up at 6am and putting in real effort every day is.

  7. I understand 50/50 salt and pepper. Half pepper, half salt. 25/25, what’s the other half?

  8. I don’t spray the meats. It’s already pretty humid here, the water boiling off creates a more humid environment. Bark takes 7-8 hours to set, the internal temps are usually 170ish when it’s ready. The pan is dirty, it’s replaced after this cook. Water is topped off through the grates.

  9. I do and love the method but I always end up mopping or spraying on something. On an un related / related note do you think 10°f is to much rise an hour for say a pork but

  10. I can’t answer that question. I’ve never placed a probe in that cut and seen how it is affected. My expectation is the slower the meat rises in temp the less it will tighten up. I place pork butts in the pit, smoke it for 6 hours. Then it’s wrapped in a pan with apple juice and salt for 3 more hours at 250. There is only so much smoke you can get into the meat

  11. I'll do that for a grill, but if I'm trying to get a smoker to level out, I don't want to take the lid off.

  12. My pit isn’t opened other than to place the brisket in it, and then to wrap it. Im one that does not spray the brisket. I use a pan of boiling/evaporating water to create a humid environment. I’ve had gauges read off many times, this is just something I picked up over time. All 4 of the gauges in my backyard pit were damaged when it caught on fire. I haven’t bothered to change them, it hasn’t improved my end result since forgetting bout em.

  13. Ever think that using a pit thermometer might have saved your pit from burning up?

  14. No, that won’t help. The pit is old school, the cook chamber leaks fats/oil into the fire chamber. I have to keep the fire from licking the wall going into the cook chamber or else 🔥

  15. Pork shoulder or smoked meatloaf. Both can be cooked in pans to catch juices and keep the meat from being dry. Shoulder is a very hard piece to dry out

  16. Congrats. Am I invited to the coming out party?

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