1. Anyone know the hurdles of why the food quality is so poor and cost is so high for students? Not being a smart ass, genuine interest.

  2. You’re more likely to get back with your wife than Shib is to reach .01

  3. So this is where they give the presents to guests for wasting their time originally?

  4. Really, most people have told me it’s 30-40 minutes and going against traffic in the morning

  5. I live in Kapolei/Ewa. Driving to the h3 on this side of the island takes 30 minutes. That’s with ZERO slowdowns. If you’re doing it in morning traffic, you’re looking at a solid hour. If there is a fender bender, you’re looking at 2 hours. If there’s a 2-3 car accident, you’re looking at 3+. Most accidents are near the merge, the sun rises getting into the eyes of drivers. The merge is about 1/2 way from kapolei to the h3 tunnel.

  6. Me neither. I might go for some Cajun dirty rice with BBQ, but plain (and kinda mushy) white rice isn't that appealing to me.

  7. It was the lack of fluffing before scooping that caused the look. It dries out after it’s fluffed and steamed. Common when you make 60-120 cups of rice

  8. I went through 240 cooked cups this past Saturday in Waikiki. It wasn’t enough.

  9. Place in a bowl with a table spoon of water, wrap with plastic wrap and microwave on 50% power for a few minutes. It will steam the food back to life.

  10. Yes. Everyone saying we can’t afford this or that, is kinda right but mostly wrong.

  11. “Professional” smoker and you are considering throwing a brisket in the oven. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. Professional restaurants place all their briskets in ovens after smoking to finish the cook.

  13. Im pretty sure he said oven roasted brisket. As in not bbq (his own words). Entirely different than what you’re saying

  14. The laws up there are pretty crazy. There is a BBQ king on YT I think he was shown on Munchies or something similar.

  15. You’re gonna rip everything out of it and redo it, that’s what my friend had to do over here. Gas fittings are different for instance.

  16. Why even build bark if your just going to steam it and let it turn to mush?

  17. Posted pics like I said I would. Check it out and let me know if you still feel I wasted my time

  18. Pretty sure Yelp does all that for you. It will show your location live on the Yelp map should someone search you. From there they can see you headed to your spot at the time you have posted etc. helps in busy areas where people wanna know youre there, or where you are etc

  19. Thank you for looking at our company as a business prospect. We are unable to take on more clients at this time.

  20. Why can’t they put a stop on your flight out? Get their Id card, scan it with the ticket, upload it to the airports TSA verification system. Split the fine with TSA should they recover the fine. Or hold the rental car/Turo owners responsible

  21. The trick is to borrow $5 million from your parents and then lose about 1/5 on crypto.

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