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  1. That tweet was originally from a 36 year old, once again proving that boomer is an attitude , not an age.

  2. why is this here? you know all you're gonna get is mean and rude shit

  3. But that involves Americans dying to prove a political point. This isn’t a game where we can just make a move that puts Republicans in a bad light because we actually care if people die. You have to call out the Republican politicians that are playing that game, not try to play it better than them.

  4. So very sorry about your mother’s diagnosis. We unfortunately see this frequently in healthcare but it’s still difficult every time.

  5. Someone missed the day when their science teacher was showing the class punnett (if I spelt that wrong, let me know) squares.

  6. You spelled it correctly and yes, I remember learning this and being tested on so vividly.

  7. Haha I lo e how it loops to the goofy look on his face in the beginning

  8. Anyone have the link to the Asian school student (maybe in Vietnam) who is arguing with his Dad about his grades and jumps off the balcony of his high rise in the process?

  9. I know ppl joke about this but there was video a few months on one of my subreddits where an Asian teenager (I think in Vietnam) was arguing with his dad about grades in a high rise building. The video showed him in the midst of the argument walking outside and jumping off the high rise balcony. He died.

  10. Wait what? Do you by chance have a link to this story?

  11. So thia absolutely works. The science behind it has domething to do with the eating keeping our brain active. I have used thia very technique to stay awake when i was driving long distances when things like caffine did nothing. I use sun flower seeds because its marginal more engaging splitting the seeds and spitting them but any small hard snacks should also work. Personally gum doesnt work for thia for me when im that tired. The caveat if it only works as long as you are consuming them. If you like sunflower seeds they 100% work.

  12. I wish I would’ve known in grad school to only study for 60 minutes before taking a break. I did a yearlong certification course a few years ago and the 60 min on/15-20 min off helped my retention so much more effectively.

  13. We used hand sanitizer under our eyes to stay awake in basic

  14. I don't think crack addicts go camping dude. Too far from the crack

  15. No. He’s just an asshole. I love coffee too and drink from 8-4 daily. If I go camping I just take two large thermos containers of coffee and instant coffee packets.

  16. “WhERe’D yOu gEt tHaT iNfOrMaTiON” i KNOW my parents would have a FIT. they did when the govt announced the $15/hr raise that never happened

  17. Put them in brownies, mix with popcorn, bake cookies to give to homeless, melt some and pour it on him to lick off.

  18. Off topic but is this image from the Dahmer movie? Or an old Frances McDormand flick?

  19. I'm still waiting for DOJ to intervene and remove her. She's clearly obstructing.

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