1. Money unless you manage to land 10 times on the puzzle pièce by spinning the wheel

  2. But that IS his job, though. I wouldn't want to be a firefighter, but I don't get paid to hop in a firetruck and ride out to burning houses just to stand on the front lawn and go, "Fuck me, that looks dangerous. No way I'm going in there. Somebody should call someone."

  3. Aussies seccies arnt allowed to do too much, seccies are not allowed to pretty much touch anyone with any force, they're mainly there to make sure pub won't get into trouble.. Mainly there to look after establishment, and he was looking after the injured guy which is all he's required at that point

  4. Probably? But even if he is angry we'll never know, there's no way anyone with a bit of professionalism is gonna show that to the media

  5. unpopular opinion: I still think of Smith and Warner as dirty cheaters

  6. Here we can see how useless rockets actually are

  7. It has come out that it seems it was the operators first day running it unsupervised. The usual people for that ground were on Christmas break. He's fucked.

  8. Operator spent all day trying to avoid Jansen with it unable to fly higher than his head..

  9. I was watching this live and I went for a pee and when I got back it's all anyone could talk about. Of cause they wouldn't show a replay because it was their fuck up. The way everyone was talking about it I thought it was going to be abit more vicious. It still drifted him. Pretty sure it damaged the camera but old buddy kept playing. The camera was facing the centre of the pitch where the play had just finished. They've hit that thing with the ball over the years but I think that was a first for cricket.

  10. Channel 7 were glad to replay it as it wasn't there broadcast that hit it

  11. Wait this is a musician downplaying the importance of performing in front of an audience!?

  12. He did also get his brother to do performances as him, so doesn't care too much

  13. It's behind a paywall, but presumably it's to do with weird religious beliefs about alcohol rather than anything else.

  14. They're using children seeing ads as main thing "As its during children TV time" did mention khawaja but that was only about what cummins done last year after they won the ashes

  15. It's a tricky scenario, they know a big fan base of drinkers do watch sport so alcohol companies will hand over a big amount of money to advertise. Not as many widely targeted products will be replace alcohol at what they pay I'd be worried that even more gambling will take its place,( which I think is worse) I think it would be possible to do but by not renewing contracts slowly instead of a full ban on it to give sports teams and leagues time to find sponsors that pay so much

  16. I’m a professional and you’re both wrong this is concrete tile and fine to power wash, if it were any other type of roofing it wouldn’t

  17. I stopped as soon as I managed to get all ball trophies, I was around 600. I still play one game a day and try to lose quickly to help other people get trophies. I don't really like the minigame but the whole event (with bids) was incredible.

  18. Eh, they rank 41. Being in a tournament doesn't determine if you're the best, really. Especially considering how easy Oceania is as a group.

  19. Not in Oceania they're in Asia grouping, 3 Asian nations made the knock-out stage of world cup so can't be too bad...

  20. I guess Saudi Arabia should be in the final because they're better than Argentina.

  21. They did beat Argentina, does show Asia isn't as bad as you think, Japan beat spain and Germany south Korea beat Portugal... guess all them European teams the Asians beat are all trash? Does show they can compete not consistently but are capable...

  22. Cos tacos in a food truck are 3 for $16+ here.. An absolute rort

  23. awwwww cute (says tel aviv paris seattle san francisco LA new york)

  24. $450k -Washington $793k- california $375k ny Don't think Paris or tel Aviv are in a state

  25. Woahha! Your saying Australia actually sell something for cheaper?! Not sure I can believe it.. Is $33 USD here

  26. I think his point is instead of combing to make the second set of honour S boots, which you can only combine when you’ve got +4, to use your legendary boots to upgrade the boots to +2, +3 etc, giving you actual benefits. You can combine to create the second honour S when you’ve got +4

  27. Yeah this.. I was calling the +3 legendary one honor (more in process of becoming) Takes a long time for them to to turn eternal so just a waste of equip

  28. For future; there is no point In making 2 red S equip of same type.. like you are doing with boots, your one off being able to make +2 instead you made a 2nd red boot which does absolute nothing until your +4

  29. How did you get 4 s tier items and so many a tier ones to make them legendary? I’m just 7 days

  30. Last 7 days 3 events for s grade equipment, the soccer one the snowman and one before snowman Plus can get 2 from the first 7 days entry.. not to mention all the bonuses and stuff on at the moment

  31. Resets when you receive one, sucks it does but is the way they have it

  32. Let stop destroying the wild so wild animals can live in the wild.

  33. Tell that to the locals that kill em for fun and money, zoos arnt ideal but they are conserved there, we'd have alot more extinct animals if we just let them be

  34. I don't mean these specific tigers, just locals of the continent animals that are endangered live on, very broad spectrum of local

  35. Change Fire Dragon for Octopus.

  36. That's what I thought she meant when I first watched it, but I felt I like I didn't quite get something...I played it again a few times, and I believe she is saying the birth mother said the child became her problem when she married the child's father. I think it was just poorly worded.

  37. X10 your attack. 100k attack max at 1000B, recall ball before the limit next time. This one, nothing can do. Event you send out the complain, they’ll give you 10 ẻnergy and 1 ticket

  38. Lol. So true. Oz winning basically killed the WC buzz. Boring as hell.

  39. Extended it to Samoa? Don't think many European African or american nations would be like "oooh Samoa won a world cup in rugby league let's go play"

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