1. DJ Reed and Derek Carr both went to Fresno State and are both from Bakersfield. Age difference but there’s definitely a connection in there somewhere.

  2. Did anyone else see McDaniels hitting the vape on the sideline? Lmao

  3. Hey guys. Jets fan here, just came to apologize for some of the idiots.

  4. Josh Allen just threw a fucking bomb to Diggs. Good lord

  5. We’re releasing Zach Wilson in the off-season aren’t we?

  6. 2 games back to back where we fought hard against Top Teams in the NFL. Old Jets would’ve been blown out back to back weeks

  7. Garrett Wilson looks fucking cleaaaan with those braids

  8. Not able to watch today. Gonna be popping in on here and Twitter.

  9. Jet fans trashing Woolen and trashing Fields: Guess what, you don’t have to drag someone else down, to lift up someone else.

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