[OC] Flashy Flash vs Golden S

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  1. Since AS with sun blade could slash all orbs from HE, I imagine him with both of those blades to be able to keep up with PS

  2. how will FF get near AS if there's no stamina drain? The last time that happened someone's arm was diced off like butter with the energy drain. And that someone is obviously much more durable than the one we have here. There's a reason the Sunblade has its significant drawbacks

  3. Neither of these could survive decapitation or an attack to the vital organs. So, durability is not a factor. And because it isn't a factor; attack power is irrelevant as well.

  4. Because I’m an asshole, lol. I don’t like cliffhangers either, but didn’t progress it further yet, but it will come 😁

  5. When you create an original character for your favourite series... but everyone cares only for the waifu...

  6. I likely am. But, the new S-Class will only consist of the strongest of heroes. And Flashy Flash is not quite on the level of the other heroes within that tier.

  7. Genos blast that briefly clashed Psycorochi was his final attack in his most powerful form. As I said, Sage Centipede needs to be attacked twice to be defeated- one by removing the regen cell and the second time to kill him for real. Your whole argument for Drive Knight is entirely speculative, we don’t even know if he’s gonna be the future antagonist so arguing over that rn is pointless. He sure can come up with counters to others’ abilities but he does that when he’s not in the middle of a fight. He spent days analyzing Nyan (a mid dragon) before he felt comfortable joining the fight. Nothing about him indicates he could come up w a plan while a continent-sized centipede was chasing him. Lol Bang couldn’t defeat Elder Centipede’s armor alongside Bomb, how would he beat an exponentially more powerful version by himself? Flashy Flash has no impressive feats with his sword that could indicate he could just cut off Sage’s body piece by piece, and he was greatly outclassed in strength by PS and a Garou that still was no match for Sage Centipede.

  8. Almost forgot about this. I'll be replying back soon. Please, do me the favour of waiting. Thank you for not abandoning the argument.

  9. If we consider his fight against Garou as a victory in Orochi's favour with negligible difficulty (i.e 5% effort); then:

  10. Sleeping Garou is much slower than FF when considering how FF was much more of a match to Conscious Garou.

  11. Gouketsu was the most powerful monster Genos said he had faced, up to that point. Hence, more powerful than Carnage Kabuto. Not to mention that Carnage Kabuto was mid-high diffed by Darkshine. Implying that Gouketsu is on Darkshine's level at least. At least being the keywords words here.

  12. Takes down Darkshine with minimal effort, as even a single, low effort punch from GS could put Darkshine to the ground. Takes down Brave Giant who is a whole lot slower than GS and likely less durable than Darkshine, in a few hits. One shots Fubuki, but not how you'd expect.

  13. Yes. TTM is physically stronger in comparison to DSK, but how does that help him when he cannot even keep up? TTM was much slower than Garou who was at that point, slower than Sonic. DSK to a degree matched up to Sonic's level of speed. So, DSK ≈ Hero Hunter Garou. Garou too was physically weaker than TTM when he faced the guy. But, ultimately won due to his superior speed and reaction. DSK also has regeneration and chemical based attacks. What exactly is TTM going to do is DSK blitzes him with his speed and spits acid on his face?

  14. Yeah... Team S-Class takes this. I could just end my argument at Tatsumaki. But, I'll attempt to provide you with a spicer answer by setting up a rule that each member has to participate only once when taking on an another team. Meaning that all characters must face at least two enemies here.

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