1. This was Khloe before consecutive toxic/cheating partners. She was more confident and self assured back then

  2. Awww to remind who really used to be the ones who did the work. Kourntey and Khloe.

  3. Have you seen our PM ?? But hey, tbh I have only good things to say about Sikhs. They just want to work and to have a better life, but who doesn't?? They are just showing their faith and this is a free country.

  4. Yeah, my boyfriend is Sikh is family is super hard working. Accountants, pharmacists, bankers. His dad was an engineer for BA ( British Airways). They are probably the most hard-working people I know.

  5. My aunt got a cat for 500 euro which is expensive but it's not even close to what this person is claiming their cat cost.

  6. Kim talked shit about Khloes weeding with Lamar. She was jealous that she wasn't the first one to get married on the show.

  7. they had that whole convo WITH SCOTT and didn’t acknowledge the fact that the scott & kourtney drama was the backbone of the show for YEARS

  8. Old Scott would have told her, “Calm down, Kim, it was me and your sister who were the stars of the show”.

  9. It’s why I liked kourtney mentioning how khloe and her used to be closer bc they’d make fun of kim lol

  10. How they would make fun of Kim differed from how Kim and Khloe made fun of Kourtney.

  11. Bc she and kris are contractually obligated to mention at least x times per episode How Hard Kim Works

  12. It's funny you say that because Scott is looking like a Rob recently when it comes to weight.

  13. Remember when Khloe was painting and she toke her shirt off in front of Scott. Just those 2 in her garage

  14. it was a joke, i believe it. he seems like exactly the type!

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/KUWTKsnark/comments/13ymvoe/timoth%C3%A9e_fat_shamed_girls_at_school/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1

  16. Omg, I was speaking to someone recently about Timethee being known as rude and bullying; allegations going to link this video to them.

  17. Scott was more involved with the rest of the family, at that point he was friends with the rest. I feel like travis just kept to himself and doesn’t have a reason to interact with the rest outside of Kylie and their kids

  18. Scott bowed down to the family others didn't. I have a hard time believing Kanye or Travis would bow to the Kardashians the same way Scott does.

  19. He bowed down and still did his dirt on the side. He knew to keep most of his dirt private lol

  20. You guys do not realise that he only bowed down after Kourtney left him. Before that, he was “ Lord Disick”.

  21. Omg they’re both obvious trash/the worst Scott in his own ways and Travis in his. Neither is close to being considered a prize and Kourtney is an idiot for marrying and having 3 children with both.

  22. She doesn't have children with Travis. She is also getting older. He romances and dicks her down.

  23. I mean she got pregnant twice when she told him she was taking bc and lied so really that’s not on anyone but herself

  24. It wasn’t true. That was all for the KUWTK show. I mean they blamed Ray J for basically the same thing knowing he didn’t have those tapes. They’re the disgusting ones

  25. Well now we know where Kris gets it from. Lol, I wonder if she made Kris’ sister do the same?

  26. Please don't ask the relations we have with the African old colonies

  27. I saw the sex tape years ago when it came out cause it was a buzz back then. I swear she looked so uninterested the whole time.

  28. she is so pretty to me, and its believeable that she actually has and enjoys sex...her sisters notsomuch. jmho

  29. Sure. Kind of like how some animals immediately kill their mate after they fuck them.

  30. Suppose she was tall enough even if she wasn't a catwalk model. I could've seen her editorials.

  31. well she’s not mad at d&g is she? she’s upset with her sister

  32. I think Scott is added to give him a pay check and something to do.

  33. They want to keep him busy doing something. Even he is putting boundaries on what to show.

  34. At least Shengo wasn’t just a name 🤣. I actually saw potential between the new but he was too bellow her pay grade.

  35. It's the fact that people are like, “It's normal to wipe the blood” off a father who just got into a car wreck.

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