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  1. Isn't one of the main themes of Berserk that trying to be an edgy loner who pushes everything down and refuses to make connections with people a bad thing?

  2. yes but that doesn’t stop us sigmas from missing the point 😎😎😎

  3. The fact that his community makes up all this wild shit about him as a joke makes me think he’s probably actually a super well adjusted and friendly person in reality

  4. nah i met him once i asked for an autograph and he made fun of me and gave me a concussion he’s an absolute psycho

  5. True, there was a beautiful artwork on clubgwyndolin before they nuked the sub where 96 from NieR was sitting on his lap getting a snake job

  6. this is the first time i have heard of clubgwyndolin getting nuked, I am distraught

  7. im pretty sure miquella is a child and is also a boy

  8. The chestpiece + cloak appears to be heavily inspired by the

  9. We've had recipes for napalm, meth, smoke bombs, booby traps, and estrogen show up here.

  10. Who here would want to fuck Griffith, raise your hand.

  11. if I don't wake up tomorrow looking like her I will end my life ☺️☺️ I live in constant agony

  12. please dont i know how you feel but it is a very long process of transition but it will be worth it someday ❤️

  13. to be fair that’s more of a hat with how high up the face is on it

  14. concept art shows that his head matches up with the lion/tiger/wtv, smough on the other hand

  15. smough is just built different, hes also shredded in his concept art under the fat armor

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