Drunk stepfather picks a fight while stepson is streaming

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  1. I've been trying to speedrun STRAY but it seems to always crash either on the raft before the sewer chapter or when the midtown club platform puzzle is completed. I'm incredibly frustrated because I've had amazing runs get killed because of it. I've tried deleting save folders, rebuilding database ect. But I get the exact same crashes..

  2. You thought THAT was bad. You should see his cringy YouTube ads.

  3. Its like you've said that a million times. Sounds like you've been around ALOT of erections

  4. No stealing. But the breaker will be shut off and so would the water

  5. This is a perfect example of someone that wasn't properly trained

  6. Welp. Hopefully that wasn't his favourite hand to jerk off with.

  7. Ah yes. Praying to a fictional character is going to fix all this. Funny how they'll assert religious beliefs over real issues that has been destroying families in the USA. And also won't actually answer to why it's only the USA that has had extremely frequent mass shootings.

  8. "You're fuked up drunk and he's gonna kick the sht right out of you" MOM OF THE YEAR!!!

  9. No one cares about your kid, maybe teach them not to bother strangers if it concerns you.

  10. Until you ask your friends to hang out and nobody's available, even if you plan a week in advance.

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