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  1. That is not true. The screen is most definitely glass just ultra thin and flexible. It is still possible to crack the screen just like any other glass screen phone.

  2. Heyya. I’m curious! How has it held up caseless? Have you dropped it? Cheers!

  3. Great question! The phone is silky smooth to the touch and can be slippery. I dropped it while it was closed and it slid across the tile floor. It was scary. It did scratch the cover screen and the frame but no major damages. 👍

  4. No one is mentioning the NPU size increase. 1.4 microns to 1.8. This helps with camera quality.

  5. how to pre order something that didn't get revealed yet!? serious question btw

  6. Idk man. I see scratches coming up to the crease. Looks like it's been abused. Don't expect to get any credit from Samsung out of this. Good luck.

  7. I don't understand why Xbox One needs to be dropped for this title. Xbox One has nothing to do with the games performance issues, and it won't hold back Forge and other DLC in the future. Just the fact you can split screen on that console is mind-blowing.

  8. I'm not saying "it should be" merely making the observation that "this is highly likely"

  9. I kindly disagree considering 1.) More money comes from software. In this case Game pass/buying game (Campaign) or micro transactions. 2.) Force cutting off support in hopes for people to upgrade to a new console won't work. They will just stop playing the game. Not to mention how pissed off it will make people. I'm sorry, but if anything, 343 will have another Halo game out before dropping Xbox One support. Their 10 year promise came from Chris Lee, so take what he said with a grain of salt.

  10. Glad you got them off! When I used to work there, i would only stick just enough of the sticker on there so that it's super easy to take off.

  11. Sorry about your loss. Call me lucky or call this a great phone, but I've had my z Flip 3 since December and I've had it without a screen protector or case since January. I've dropped it once 🥴 (recently) but overall the phone still works fine and there are no cracks! Just small scratches from the drop :( (It slid across a tile floor when dropped)

  12. This is literally the same as Flip 3, i don't think this is legit. The camera sensors look exactly the same, but they should be upgraded for Flip 4. The cover screen will also be bigger on Flip 4.

  13. Every KOTH match I've played, ended 0-3. It doesn't feel balanced idk why

  14. To be fair that particular effect sticks way out to begin with and that helmet attachment doesn’t help. I’d assume it’s a set degree off the base of the avatar and not necessarily on each individual helmet. Probably why shoulder pads are skewed and the flaming helmet is more like a neck flare-up.

  15. Yeah the foundation design is fucked. From what I learned in my experience of designing, they are trying to get reference from the root of the helmet then displace effect from that distance. The problem with that, each helmet has different shapes and sizes so getting the root component from any armor piece as a frame of reference is not good. They should try adding more points of contact around each armor piece, that way it snaps on. Kinda like Forge magnet 😊

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