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  1. Can I get a tldr, you keyboard-slamming neck beard?

  2. I feel more sorry for the millions of Jews that where slaughtered or the soldiers that died fighting guys like him.

  3. Or you could have some common decency and realize that half these people were forced into the war and hated Hitler

  4. And most people accept this crap lol. The original looks better!

  5. Its supposed to look cartoonish. They specifically stated that they were not doing a full remake. Be lucky that you have anything at all.

  6. Look at you defending rockstar lol. Avery looks like shit just accept the fact that not all character models look good in these definitive editions. You can clearly see how bad they look there is no way around it. And the “cartoony” look is fine by me but Rockstar used put work in small details but I guess not with these upcoming character models.

  7. I'm not a new Rockstar fan. I know how they work but I don't see the actual real problem. It looks fine to me.

  8. These ones don't look bad. They specifically said they weren't fully remaking the trilogy. It's a graphic update

  9. I replayed GTA 3 a couple months ago. First time in a solid 10-15 years. There was nothing about Shoreside Vale that didn't look familiar (i.e. I remembered the airport, the dam, the mansions in the hills etc), but when I was a kid playing the game I never made the connection that it was LA even though it's so obvious, and also how weird it is that the other two islands are 100% New York, and then there's randomly an LA island.

  10. I get what you mean lol. I just had to come back to Vice City as it's my favorite GTA and I'm gonna miss this. I mean I can still play it but they removed the original versions on steam for the definitive edition.

  11. I really want to fix up the Camaro and the rollback but the Camaro has been sitting their since like the eighties or nineties from what my dad says

  12. Lol “bottomless pockets” meanwhile GM, and Chrysler filed bankruptcy just 12 years ago.

  13. I know. I'm a all arounder guy (I like all of the big three) and I'm wondering if ford is gonna bail dodge out again like in the 80s

  14. Lol i wonder how that toilet ended up in the middle of the living room (?)

  15. Its hard to believe that this house was once a home.

  16. You had a fair share of shitboxes to choose from in Horizon 4, I have no idea what you're talking about.

  17. Iirc with some of the audio capture footage we should be getting an older Ram truck, not dually, but still variety

  18. Wow, that's getting off easy.. What about the other car's occupants?

  19. No problem! The only thing that'll suck is finding the heat vents because the plastic crumbles to the touch.

  20. Well I'm going to be dailying it so I might just take out the vents and let heat just pump because I won't be using the A/C most likely.

  21. I’m an old Ford guy myself! But they are great pics of old iron! Cost a fortune to restore all of them.

  22. The only real restorable one is the Ford with the tank on the back, the Buick, square body chev, and the weird falcon looking mercury cougar thing

  23. The Chevys are so cool! Too bad. That old Buick is my favorite, and the hood ornament is extremely cool.

  24. I agree. I love old cars. I just bought an 84 Subaru GL. I also have a 68 Dodge Polara. I want to save all old cars..

  25. Sounds like your friend should buy a lottery ticket.

  26. There is no way in hell playground games is going to get those licenses

  27. Looks like a heap. Unless you are a great fabricator and welder walk away.

  28. Rust spreads, unless you can fix it expect to be driving a pile of dust in a couple years.

  29. Literally the plan is to fix it. I'm not some chump who drives things without fixing them.

  30. I hope the frame on your escape doesn't have to be replaced. Cause mine does. That's why all progress has ceased since I took the motor out. And the crappy part is that the car is now outside and I don't have the money to put a new frame in. I'm gonna take out a loan once I turn eighteen and buy one.

  31. Sorry for the late ass reply but thank you! I've sadly only gotten the motor out..

  32. Those heads look pretty good. Are you sure it's junk?

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