‘King Of The Hill’ Revival Ordered By Hulu; Mike Judge, Greg Daniels And Original Cast Set To Return

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  1. I have faith that this revival will be good given how good Beavis and Butt-Head's own revival was.

  2. I have faith that this revival will be good given how well Beavis and Butt-Head's own revival was.

  3. Once a fighter drops that can lock or manipulate opposing Unquie gauges, this setup is gonna crash and burn.

  4. I still think it's funny that people believed it takes 3-6months to make an ultra unit

  5. I never honestly believed that since they share the same basic clash animations.

  6. I saw the first game used at a Gamestop years ago, and picked it up for my DS.

  7. Star Tropics. Can't remember if it's on the switch virtual console thing or not though

  8. The first Star Tropics is, but Zoda's Revenge is still not on there.

  9. It would finally complete Team Universe 7 in the game.

  10. Jey having conflicted feelings about Sami is one of the best examples of long-term booking I have ever seen.

  11. As much as I like Sami and his story with the Bloodline, I have been hoping for an à Cody vs Roman feud for over a year because it has so much potential for a storyline.

  12. That sucks that they prefer to keep it a mystery

  13. My guess is they do this to ensure they can keep making sequels in the classic series.

  14. Mine is similar to this, with the exception of who did what how:

  15. This is kinda supported by Wily's creation of Bass. No doubt, Bass was built by Dr. Wily after Proto Man turned on him during the events of Mega Man 4 and by the end of Mega Man 6 he's managed to reverse engineer Proto Man's design and create his own Mega Man.

  16. You're talking about a Saturday morning cartoon that constantly pushed the limits - the first episode ends with a murder, there is a full on-screen decapitation, and Baxter's jaw getting punched off was the breaking point.

  17. To be honest, I am shocked with what the 2003 series was able to get away with.

  18. I am at season 2, but I love this version of Stockman. He's an arrogant jerk who happily screws over people but is not a threat to be underestimated.

  19. I honestly don't think Jay needs to stay involved with a big network, "Leno's Garage" was extremely successful on Youtube. He should just enjoy a quasi retirement from cable, and continue to make his Youtube channel.

  20. I would not be surprised if a streaming service like Amazon or Netflix gets him onboard to do a similar show.

  21. This is clearly setting up a match at WrestleMania 39.

  22. Kinda disappointed her 50% blast damage can still be cancelled….specially with basically every meta team having at least one unit that can cancel that WITH EASE. Also did they REALLY have to keep her 30% damage cut for only 15 counts? It can’t be cancelled now but like….really? 15 counts? She’s meant to be a great LMS unit but they take away 30% cut after 15 counts? Did they think it’d be TOO good?

  23. That's the issue, the band-aid approach to buffing Regen is honestly getting annoying, especially when so many other teams are getting much stronger fighters.

  24. As a Regen main, she's good enough as a band-aid until some newer green fighter drops.

  25. As I good as I expected her to be given recent non LF zenkais. Good but not anything special. She’s definitely gonna be a better red for Regen than red buuhan but the tagdroids are still androids main red, she’s probably not even gonna be used as bench on androids since red 13 is a better Zenkai bench for the tagdroids

  26. As a Regen main, she will see some use over Buuhan and she has enough in her Zenkai kit to make her a threat to opposing teams.

  27. I replaced him with Zenkai VII Green Piccolo a few months ago, but there is honestly no denying just how long he lasted as Regen's main green.

  28. For bonus points, make him yellow so he can counter Ultra Gogeta Blue.

  29. Besides, I think Zamasu having a cover rescue fighter backing him up could be fun....

  30. Ah yes a buff to her anti revival mechanic. Thank god we got that with all the crazy powerful revival units running around in the meta right now…

  31. Her getting anti-Revival buffs may not seem as useless as you may think.

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